Year 6 Tinkering Project

On Thursday 14 June the Year 6 students were involved in a STEM activity called Tinkering inside the Lavalla Hall. Tinkering gives students the opportunity to be creative, think critically and collaborate in an inquiry-based approach to STEM-rich learning. The day allowed our Vision for Learning Shine through Discovery to be present as the students took apart various electronics and labelled the parts, purposes and complexities. Students then used the parts to create a seismograph. Thank you to all of Year 6 Dads and Grandads who were present and helped the children on the day. Below is a re-count from two Year 6 students:

On Thursday 14 June, Year 6 students were involved in a STEM related activity called Tinkering. It required us to be ‘hands on’ with pieces of machinery and electronics. Parents provided us with essential tools such as screwdrivers. This allowed us to take apart the hardware piece by piece. After this we created a poster where we labelled the parts, purposes and complexities of the machine. This showed us the inner workings of the electronics. With the parts from the machine we designed and created a seismograph. All of Year 6 had a phenomenal time and we would be very happy to do something like this again next term.

Joshua Do and Jett Patterson, Year 6 students