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Year 7 Camp


Monday, 29 April 2019


Woodman Point

Year 7 cohort participate in a three-day camp which offers student a chance to build networks, make connections and improve interactions with their peers. The camp environment also helps to improve student’s independence and level of responsibility.

When not on camp, the Year 7 students will be engaged in an alternative program at school, including Reflection Days.

Year 7 Reflection Days

As part of the school-based program for all Year 7 students during the days that they not on camp, our students will be participating in reflection days. The reflection days will be facilitated by the Youth Ministry Team from 24:7 Youth Ministry, and will focus on providing our Year 7 students with the opportunity to stop and pause at this point of their first year of high school to reflect on the gifts of family, our College, and their own journey of faith. Our invitation to all students in Year 7 is that they come to appreciate the responsibility for serving those in and beyond our community with a love that is inspired through Jesus.

The Reflection Days are part of regular attendance at school, and all students are expected to attend.