Year 7 Camp

Year 7 cohort participate in a three-day camp which offers student a chance to build networks, make connections and improve interactions with their peers. The camp environment also helps to improve student’s independence and level of responsibility.

When not on camp, the Year 7 students will be engaged in an alternative program at school, including Reflection Days.

Year 7 Reflection Day

The Communities of Faith Reflection Day focuses on the fact that faith communities will always inspire us to know what it means to love and live with one another in ways that truly show the face of Christ to the world. It will draw on the power of love and trust that is shown in family, the encouragement that comes from working in teams focused on vision and values as encouraged within our school community and to draw grace from the Church community to be agents of the mission we are commissioned to partake in as followers of Christ.

The Reflection Day is part of regular attendance at school, and all students are expected to attend.