Years 3-6 Cross Country Carnival

The annual Cross Country Carnival is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in a race and earn points for their faction.

The College has however had to make a few changes to ensure we meet the current COVID-19 guidelines. Please read the following information:

Race Information

  • Year 3: 1.15pm SHARP (1.5km)
  • Year 4: 1.30pm SHARP (1.5km)
  • Presentations
  • Year 5: 2.15pm SHARP (2.5km)
  • Year 6: 2.35pm SHARP (2.5km)
  • Presentations

Student Requirements

  • Students must wear their faction uniform
  • Swap their lunch and recess food (depending on their race time)
  • Take a FULL drink bottle and hat onto the oval
  • Collect a raffle ticket at finish line. Green for girls, black for boys. These must be kept until all results are recorded.


  • Please ensure there is a maximum of only two spectators per family
  • Spectators must remain in the designated area near the start and finish line
  • Please practice physical distancing in line with current guidelines
  • Please only arrive 10 MINS PRIOR to the race start time
  • All spectators must leave immediately after the presentations of their child’s year group

Parent Helpers

Approximately 8-10 parents are required for this event. Please email Jemma Bulmer if you can assist on this day