Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival Results and Highlights

Congratulations to all our Year 3-6 students on a super day of athletics. It was a day full of fun with some superb individual performances. Students came dressed in their faction colours, sang war cries and cheered their teams on throughout the day gathering as many points as possible for their faction. This year again every student was able to compete in an event as we keep with our philosophy of providing opportunities for all. Well done to Delany Faction for winning today’s Carnival.

Special thanks to staff and families for making the day so great! A special thanks to the grounds staff for assisting with all the logistics of the day.


Imogen Boss (Year 6) broke the turbo jav record
Cooper Trovarello (Year 4) broke the long jump record


Faction Spirit Shield
Congratulations Brigid Faction!

Competition Shield
2650 – Delany
2447 – Marcellin
2270 – Brigid
2234 – Knox

Champion Boys/Girls

Year 3 Girls

  1. Clancy Boss
  2. Chloe Rear
  3. Bailey Trovarello

Year 3 Boys

  1. Koby Kalebic
  2. Theo Constantine
  3. Michael Malaxos

Year 4 Girls

  1. Sienna O’Rourke
  2. Tessa Hadfield
  3. Hannah Seaborn

Year 4 Boys

  1. Cooper Trovarello
  2. Linus Keane
  3. James Bornmann

Year 5 Girls

  1. Leyla Do and Olivia Lim
  2. Livinia Martin
  3. Caelee Belcastro

Year 5 Boys

  1. Oscar Properjohn
  2. William Gilbert and James-Joseph Sfakianakis
  3. Harry Prentice

Year 6 Girls

  1. Imogen Boss
  2. Ariana Mason
  3. Harper Gamble

Year 6 Boys

  1. Matthew Tomassone
  2. Matthew Petagna
  3. Rafael Heldt