Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival

On Friday 15 March, all students in Years 3-6 participated in the 2019 Swimming Carnival. It was very successful day on all accounts. Students swam with speed, enthusiasm and were especially good at cheering on their team mates from their faction bays. We were lucky enough to witness one record breaking event by Madelyn Bertolini from Marcellin in Year 4. Madelyn swam in a time of 39.00 seconds in the 50m Freestyle race, beating the previous record of 40.58 seconds which had been held since 2004.

Well done to Delaney faction (captained by William Gilbert) for winning the Swimming Carnival Championship Shield and Marcellin faction (captained by Maddy Carroll) for winning the Swimming Carnival Efficiency Award.

Congratulations to the Age Champions

Year 3 Girls
1. Taylor Cain
2. Savannah Bornmann
3. Isabel Burton

Year 3 Boys
1. Mitchell Short
2. Cooper Warwick
3. James Bianchini and Blaine Castleman

Year 4 Girls
1. Madelyn Bertolini and EmmaGilbert
2. Chloe Rear
3. Evangeline Earney, Clancy Boss and Eloise Bulmer

Year 4 Boys
1. Jensen Rutherford
2. Theo Constantine
3. Aaron Stannard

Year 5 Girls
1. Jessica Bourke
2. Lucinda Short
3. Ella Hills

Year 5 Boys
1. James Bornmann
2. Luca Chester
3. Jeremy Colman and Ryan Tindall

Year 6 Girls
1. Madison Turnball
2. Hallie Ceglinski-Andrews
3. Audrey Devlin

Year 6 Boys 
1. Alexander Santoro
2. Harry Prentice
3. Oscar Properjohn