Arts Festival 2020

A ‘new look’ Arts festival, aptly titled with the Marist theme for 2020, “One Wild and Precious Life” and designed around Covid-19 regulations, opened in a stunning fashion on Sunday 25 October with Divergence the Years 7- 12 Dance Showcase.  The 2020 showcase celebrated the work of our Years 7-12 dancers who were enrolled in curriculum Dance courses, and Junior and Senior Dance Troupes throughout 2020. The dancers were beautifully prepared by Dance teacher, Mrs Fuhr, Ms Mahoney and guest choreographers, despite a reduction in rehearsal hours due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The Dance Showcase program, included styles and genres such as; lyrical, hip hop, contemporary and even traditional Indonesian and Jewish cultural dances. Original solo choreography performances from our Years 11 and 12 students also showcased the exceptional talent within our ATAR and Dance programs.

Congratulations to all the dancers in the program and to Mrs Fuhr who worked tireless to prepare the showcase. It truly was a remarkable celebration of our curriculum and co-curricular Dance program at the College. Thank you also to the production management and technical staff; Dixie Johnstone, Adam James, Dene, and Mason Velios, for their professional expertise that supported the set up and running of all the production aspects of all the Arts Festival events. The level of professionalism we are afforded at the College, in and around Arts production, enables our students artistic gifts to truly shine.

The Arts Festival continued on Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 afternoons with the Student Art Exhibition. On both occasions our community enjoyed the student art that adorned the foyer walls and studio rooms and enjoyed musical performances from our music instrumental students who played solo, paired and ensemble pieces. ‘Beating Hearts’ opened the music program on Wednesday with some stunning drumming, guitar and vocal performances by our Lavalla students. Thank you Ms Goldsmith, Mr Cobb and Ms Herriman, Ms Moss and Ms Johnstone for preparing our students and supporting them within these special performances.

‘Street performances’ by Matilda characters stole the show at times, as two students from the cast of Matilda ‘took on’ Miss Trunchbull, with a little volunteer support from some of our very own Lavalla students and siblings who watched Ms Trunchball closely, but from a safe distance, as she moved through the Art exhibition. This impromptu, improvised, performance showcased the talent we are soon to see on stage in the Marist Auditorium as we look forward to the long awaited production of Roald Dahl’s, Matilda The Musical (December 3-5).

Student award winners were indicated by award cards placed on award winning art works. These award winners from each year group will receive certificates and prizes, to be presented at up and coming assemblies at respective campuses. View the full list of award winners here. Congratulations and thank you to Mrs Rose for coordinating the student exhibition again this year and to all the Visual Art teachers (particularly Mrs Spencer, Ms Farrell, Ms Gleisenger and Ms Yanev) and Design and Technology teachers (Mr Arnold, Mr Nelson, Mr MacNeill, Ms Newton, Mrs Tate, Ms Mahoney, Ms Yanev) who prepared the exhibitions of the student works in such an exquisite fashion to showcase the talent across all creative arts areas of the College.

Thank you to the Arts Festival parent committee for helping to organise the volunteers who supported hanging of the exhibition and catering. We greatly appreciated the parent help we received again this year. Thank you also to the newly appointed 2021 Arts Captains and Student Leaders for stepping up to assist with the craft activities, oval games and food stall. Our Grounds and Maintenance team, publicity and catering staff also support this event every year. We are so grateful for all this behind the scenes support, that contributes to the ongoing success of the event.

Congratulations to all staff involved in this year’s Arts Festival, “One Wild and Precious Life” and to the award winners and all artists who had their work exhibited this year. Thank you sincerely for sharing your gift with us, we were once again so amazing by the depth and breadth of artistic talent at Newman College.

Maree Grayden, Leader of Learning Arts PK-12


Divergence: 2020 Dance Showcase


The 2020 Dance Showcase Divergence, showcased the wide variety of dance styles and creative ideas the students have been working on this year. Featuring choreography from students, teachers and industry professionals, the two Showcase performances were a flurry of costumes, lighting and of course, the wonderful talent of the dancers themselves. 65 students from both curriculum classes and the co-curricular Dance Troupe were involved in the Showcase this year and each one of them put on an outstanding performance. Despite the excitement of the night, students conducted themselves with impressive professionalism which contributed to the smooth running of the shows.

Many staff provided their assistance both on the night and in the lead up to the event. Their support and generosity with their time is very much appreciated.

Thank you also to the numerous parent volunteers who assisted with hair styling, interval service, foyer decoration and other duties. It was lovely to see the College community come together to support the Dance program at the College.

Caroline Fuhr, Dance Teacher