Guild Athletics Carnival

The 2020 Guild Athletics Carnival was held at the State Athletics Stadium on Thursday 6 August. The sunny weather conditions saw an impressive number of students participating in all track and field events. Well done to everyone who competed and won points for their Guild. This was the final College carnival for our Year 12’s – it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm, sportsmanship and competitiveness from this cohort.

We had an outstanding six individual records broken this year. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Jenna King broke the Year 7 Female 400m with a time of 1 minute and 5 seconds
  • Imogen Boss broke the Year 8 Female Discus with a throw of 26.83m and the shotput record with a throw of 10.58m
  • Tania Barilla broke the Year 8 Female high jump record with a jump of 1.5m
  • Finn Tanham broke the Year 11 Male high jump record with a jump of 1.82m
  • Ethan Penn broke the Year 11 Male long jump record with a jump of 6.08m

We also had several relay records broken including: Chisholm Year 8 Females, Camara Year 9 Females, Brigid Year 10 Males, Marcellin Year 11 Females and Chisholm Year 12 Females.

Champion Guild

  1. Chisholm
  2. Thomas More
  3. Romero
  4. Marcellin
  5. MacKillop
  6. Brigid
  7. Camara
  8. Catherine

Age Champions

Year 7 Girls:
3rd Pippa Maddaford
2nd Rio Angus
1st Jenna King

Year 7 Boys:
3rd Charlie Cossom
2nd Harrison Warrick
1st Harry Prentice

Year 8 Girls:
3rd Tania Barilla
2nd Yelena Kelleher
1st Imogen Boss

Year 8 Boys:
3rd Leo Kriletich
2nd Luke Bourke
1st Caleb Moran

Year 9 Girls:
3rd Amanda Barilla
2nd Indiana Lummis
1st Meg McAullay

Year 9 Boys:
3rd Mitchell Rogers
2nd Cooper Stevens
1st Daniel Gleeson

Year 10 Girls:
3rd Isabella O’Rourke
2nd Emily Burgess
1st Lucy Hills

Year 10 Boys:
3rd Joshua Downes
2nd Sharya Ferdinandusz
1st Luis Uribe-Carrero

Year 11 Girls:
3rd Amelia Johns
2nd Ellie Jones
1st Mackenzie Webb

Year 11 Boys:
3rd Finn Tanham
2nd William McAullay
1st Carl Soderstrom

Year 12 Girls:
3rd Laura Ogilve
2nd Antonia Poor
1st Holli Johnson

Year 12 Boys:
3rd Sam Giumelli
2nd Daniel Perreira and Jake Dwyer
1st Thomas Ariti