In Week 3, The Humanities Department organised some exciting activities and opportunities to showcase innovation in teaching and learning in the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area on the Marcellin Campus.

Throughout the week, students enjoyed taking part in;

  • Daily quizzes
  • Mission Impossible – How well do you know your “Earth”? Enjoy a secret mission to prove how much you know.
  • Crazy Mummy Competition – How many Ancient Egyptian mummies can you make?
  • Medieval Maladies – Do you want to know what it was like to suffer the illnesses of the middle ages? See professional make-up artists at work re-creating the pustules and bulboes of the Black Death.
  • Sustainability Challenge – Join in a scavenger hunt around the College to find items related to Sustainable Development Goals.

It was wonderful to see so much engagement, collaboration and critical thinking across the year groups. Well done to all students.