STEM Festival

In the lead-up to Science Week 2019, students on both the Marian and Lavalla Campuses enjoyed a fun and engaging day where they had the opportunity to be challenged, collaborate, create and celebrate with their peers as part of the 2019 STEM Festival.

With the focus on sustainability, in particular the three R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, students at Marian enjoyed working with their buddies to look at ways of making sure that our resources last a very long time or even forever! Some of the activities they took part in were; the oil spill activity, recycled musical instruments, water saving options and the marble run.

The Years 3-6 students were challenged to “Think Outside the Box” where they had to create an arcade game using cardboard, other recycled materials and imagination. Once complete, the students had the opportunity to put their games to the test with their peers. The challenge allowed the students to explore their interests and passions; teach critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance, teamwork; and brought the community together to foster and celebrate child creativity.

The STEM Festival was a great opportunity for all students to explore and experience Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through engaging hands-on activities and to better understand STEM concepts. All of the notions mentioned shed light on our College’s Vision for Learning Shine through Discovery – Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16)