Newman News Term 1 Week 10: From the Director of Mission and Catholic Identity

The end of Term 1 coincides with the end of Lent. This period of 40 days before Easter is a time for us to recalibrate our focus on what is truly important through prayer, almsgiving and fasting. Our students have demonstrated a spirit of generosity throughout the term in the way they have supported our fundraising initiatives for Lismore and Project Compassion. As we prepare for Holy Week and enter the Easter period, we encourage our families to contemplate this journey and how we can be Easter people and bring new life into our communities through our relationship with God, ourselves and most importantly each other. On Wednesday 6 April, our students from Marcellin participated in the Easter Liturgy, click here to watch. Students from Marian and Lavalla reflected on the Easter story through their liturgy, beautifully put together by our Year 1 class. Click here to watch.  

It has been another big term for the Ministry office and I am grateful to the support of all our staff, students and families. I look forward to another term of advocacy, service and prayer in Term 2. 

Key Dates 

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly. 

Year 11 Game Changer Retreat – March 29 

Each Game Changers group takes part in an annual Retreat Day. These days are facilitated by Marist Youth Ministry and offer an opportunity for Game Changers to connect and build community with each other. The program features 3 main sessions, with an opportunity for large and small group discussion. The aim is to energise students in their ongoing journey as well as allow space and time to gather and plan for their leadership and service opportunities within and beyond the school context. 

One does not live on bread alone’ Matthew 4, was the opening idea for our Year 11 Game Changers Retreat. We focused on our Five F’s: family, fun, faith, friends and fitness, reflecting on how we live these out in our lives at the moment, and perhaps how we can improve on them.  We discussed the fragility of life through the metaphor of the ‘Jenga tower’ and considered who helps us pick up the pieces when things become unsteady. 
 “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10, once we had established our requirements for a supported and fulfilled life, we explored how we can contribute to society and how we can use our unique gifts and talents to create abundance for ourselves and those in our communities. A restorative and inspiring day, the students felt invigorated to return to school life, to bring a relaxed and innovative approach to recognising potential and creating a better future for themselves and others.  
Mrs Aleisha Bryson, Leader of Youth Ministry and Advocacy 
Our next Game Changers Retreat will be held on April 29 for Year 9 Students. 

Project Compassion  

Newman College would like to express sincere thanks to all those who helped with our last push towards achieving our goal for Project Compassion. The funds raised doubled in just a week as students participated in a range of activities across the College, digging deep into their pockets.  

The sales from the famous Primary School Easter raffle, free dress day, teacher raffle and hula hoop throw competition all contributed towards accelerating our awareness and contribution of funds for those communities around the world in need of our small donations.  

As Mr Martino could be heard time and time again quoting “$2 or $5, will barely be noticed by most of us, it may mean we go without a want, like a waffle or ice-cream from the canteen. But for these people it could mean the difference of eating, access to water or safe practices within their community.” We saw this in action with Pastoral Care Groups such as Romero 7 and Camara 10 taking on the challenge as a group and astounding all with the results of their commitment and generosity.  

Students across Marian and Lavalla have continued raising awareness and funds for Project Compassion’s Caritas appeal. Our Year 4 students have organised a ‘Walk for Water’ event where students have carried buckets of water around the oval to experience what many young people around the world have to do each day. Our Year 6 students have been assisting in the organisation of our Easter Raffle and have also organised a number of competitions including, guess the lollies in the jar with all proceeds supporting Caritas. 

A heartfelt thankyou to everyone who helped in the organising and running of the events, as well as those who participated and donated their time and money. Looking forward to sharing out totals next term. 

Student Reflections

Walk for Water

Today we organised a ‘Walk for Water’ event for the Year 4 students. We have been learning how many people around the world have to walk each day to get fresh water. To help our class understand how that feels like we set up a relay around the oval where each team had to carry a bucket of water.

Sienna, Poppy, Vivienne and Stella (4 Red)

Easter Raffle

Today there was great excitement as we drew the prizes from our annual Easter Raffle. Many thanks to the generous donations already from our families. Thank you also to the students and parents who assisted with the wrapping of the prizes. All funds raised have been donated to Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion appeal this Lent.

Year 6 Fundraising

In Year 6 we have spent time listening to Project Compassion stories and how Caritas helps those in need around the world. We decided to organise a lolly guessing competition with all the money raised donated to Caritas’s Project Compassion appeal. We hope the money raised helps lives in need and provides opportunities for those people who are not as lucky as we are.

Ella, Lola, Olivia, Chloe, Emmersyn (Year 6)

Year 7 Retreat Day  

As part of their Year 7 experience, students attended a Retreat Day organised by the College and facilitated by 24/7 Youth Ministry who are specifically trained for this role.  The Retreat Day follows our Vision for Mission “Good Christians and Good Citizens” as we offer students an opportunity away from their normal school routine to pause and reflect on their relationship with creation, others, themselves, and God. Students have found these experiences to be both positive and rewarding. 

The next Retreat Day on the Marcellin Campus is scheduled for our Year 8 Students on May 26. 

Thursday Morning Mass  

Thursday Morning Mass will continue in Term 2 for students across the College. Mass begins at 8.10 am in the Champagnat Chapel and is celebrated by our local priests. 

  • Week 1, Thursday 28 April; Year 12 Students 
  • Week 2, Thursday 5 May; Year 3 Students