Newman News Term 1 Week 4: From the Head of Primary

As we celebrate a successful start to the year it is important that we acknowledge you; the parents and care givers of our students. It is because of your dedication to our College that your child has enjoyed a positive, settled start to the year. As the first educators of your child, you send them to school prepared and equipped for them to learn. You teach them how to build relationships, how to be kind, how to show empathy and how to bounce back when things get hard. We are grateful for the many ways you support our College.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following students who received a Marcellin Award in Weeks 3 and 4:

Avia Picotti, Year 2 – #IntheWayofMary – Always taking time to cheer people up when they are sad

Ella Nguyen, Year 6 – #IntheWayofMary – Acknowledged for the unassuming way she helps others without making it noticeable, allowing them to feel safe and to have a go at things. She is a diligent student that can be relied upon for all tasks in and out of the classroom. Her leadership skills and service qualities are admirable, in her ability to show initiative and see when something needs doing without being asked, and even coordinates other peers to join in and help out.

The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly. At Lavalla Campus, the Marcellin Award is presented at campus assemblies to one student selected by the Leadership Team from submitted nominations.

Marian Campus Entrance

Parents are reminded that for the safety of our students a new door has been installed at the entrance to the Marian Administration building. This allows us to accurately monitor who is on site at any given time. Parents are reminded that this door is locked from 9.00am – 2.55pm.  We ask parents not to gather in the Administration area before the final afternoon siren as it makes work in the office very difficult.  The tennis court gates will be opened at 2.45pm should you wish to use the undercover area to wait for your children.

Homework Club and Coder Dojo

Parents are reminded that Homework Club and Coder Dojo are back up and running.

Homework Club

  • When: Every Monday
  • Where: Lavalla Library
  • Time: 3.15pm – 4.30pm

Coder Dojo

  • When: Every Tuesday
  • Where: Lavalla Multipurpose Rooms
  • Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

*All participating students (new and old members) must complete the Parent Permission Form prior to attending their first session.
Download CoderDojo Permission Form

Signing in and out of Marian and Lavalla Campuses

All parents and visitors to the College are reminded they need to sign in at reception on arrival.  Parents onsite between 8.45am – 3.15pm must sign in using the iPad technology application ‘Who’s on Location’ at reception.  Parents are required to be accompanied by a staff member at all times while on campus. Messages for students, misplaced or forgotten items can be delivered to reception and in turn these will be passed onto the student. Please do not contact your child via any messaging system on their iPad.  This process ensures the safety of all students during the school day.

Newman Parents Information Sessions with Dr Justin Coulson

9 Ways to a Resilient Child (content is most suited for Early Childhood parents)

Parents will learn the psychological secrets that build their child’s sense of identity, strengths and growth mindset in order to perform better, be happier and build resilience. 9 Ways to a Resilient Child is based on Dr Justin Coulson’s best-selling book and shows parents how to help their children cope powerfully and positively with the challenges that life throws at them.

Respectful Relationships; Love at Home

How to get along with your kids and help them get along with you (and their siblings)

We all say we get along just fine at home… but there are those uncomfortable niggles. There’s the eye-rolling, the disrespect, the lack of motivation to help out, and the sibling warfare. If we’re honest, most adults have been known to shout a bit too, and let’s face it, we don’t always listen that well to our kids.

Conflict and friction at home cause more trouble than we need, and interfere with everyone’s wellbeing. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some simple, practical things we could do to help everyone get along better – starting right now?

Parents will learn the best ‘relationship rules’ for a happier family so home life really does feel loving… most of the time!

The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer session.

Parent Information Nights

Over the last two weeks, the College has hosted the Lavalla and Marian Parent Information nights. These nights offered families the opportunity to hear from their child’s classroom teacher and the College’s Senior Leadership Team. It is important that parents remember to always contact the classroom teacher to discuss their child’s learning.

2019 Parent Representatives

On Wednesday 27 February, the Parent Representatives for 2019 met to understand their role in supporting our teachers and the community. Your Parent Representatives will inform you of any requirements our teachers may have, organise social events and support you in preparing your child for school.

To further support this important role, the College launched a new parent communication platform (Facebook Groups) for each cohort. Parents are invited to join their respective groups as a simple way of communicating.

Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival

The Years 3-6 Swimming Carnival will take place on Friday 15 March. Please note the revised start time of 9.30am. This will allow parents of both Marian and Lavalla students to attend the Year 2 Blue Assembly and the Carnival.

Primary Family Picnic

Thank you to the Primary Social Committee for organising the first event of the year, the Family Picnic. Our community enjoyed a relaxed evening on the Lavalla Oval where students played and parents connected.

Fitness Friday at Marian

Last Friday saw the launch of the new initiative at the Marian Campus, Fitness Friday. Students enjoyed a selection of activities including Lego Club, Cosmic Yoga, Running Club and Dance Aerobics. Thank you to our dedicated staff for leading this initiative. Fitness Friday will continue every Friday coinciding with Coffee at the College for parents.

Primary Social Committee Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 5 March, the Primary Social Committee will hold their AGM. All are welcome to attend and join this committee which is dedicated to providing social events for students, parents and families and supporting the College. The meeting will commence at 7.00pm in the Marian Staff room.

PK – Year 6 Homework Policy

The revised PK- Year 6 Homework Policy was sent to all families on Tuesday 26 February. The purpose of this policy is to support parents to understand what homework is required for each year level and to promote time after school for playing, socialising and connecting with your family. Reading is the key focus for homework in the Primary School as this has the greatest impact on student growth.
Download PK-Y6 Homework Policy

Resetting your Seqta Password

Please follow the steps below:

  • Click on ‘Forgot your Password’
  • Enter your email address for BOTH your username and email address (ie: your username is now your email address)
  • Click on ‘Reset my Password’
  • You will be emailed a link to reset your password
  • NOTE: the reset link will only last one hour.

For all other Seqta queries please contact Mandy Keeling

eSaftey Commissioner

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is committed to empowering all Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online. The College’s Annual School Improvement plan identified eSafety as a focus area for the wellbeing of students. Key themes and ideas from the Keeping Safe curriculum and Wellbeing program will be presented to students and parents later this year. Newman Parents will host a Cybersafety information session to educate and empower parents to support their children in managing their online profiles and behaviour.

The Office of eSafety Commissioner website has excellent resources for families and children and I encourage parents to subscribe to the eSafety newsletter for additional information and education. Click here to access their website.