Newman News Term 2 Week 2: From the Deputy Principal Primary

We extend our warmest wishes to all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and mother figures in our community as we approach this Sunday’s celebration of Mother’s Day. It is always such a special time in the year where we can pause and show our gratitude for the many ways that mothers and mother-figures, light up our lives and those of our children.

Students across both Marian and Lavalla campuses have been discussing the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration and I would like to share some of their beautiful (and sometimes funny) reflections on their Mums.

“My Mum has very long brown hair like me. She is 34. She likes walking with her friends, Karen and Sharon. They are good friends. I love my Mum because she is so pretty. I’m so glad she got me!” – Evie (Pre-Primary)

“My Mum looks beautiful cause she has a pretty face. She is kind and caring. I think she is 32. She used to do work but now she likes to do cleaning work at home. She likes to eat chicken curry. She likes to go to the shops and buy food and sometimes she buys clothes. Mum is a good dancer. Sometimes she dances with Dad. I love that my Mum plays Nintendo Switch with me and I always beat her. Maybe she lets me win?” – Sidney (Pre-Primary)

“My Mum looks beautiful. She has long brown hair and blue eyes just like me. I think she is maybe 26. 26 is a big number. Her name is Alice. Her favourite food is spinach pie and she likes cups of tea. This morning I had a cup of tea with her. I liked it! My Mum likes to play with me and hug me. She likes to sing “It’s going to be good tonight”. It’s so funny. I love my Mum because she is pretty” – Lily (Pre-Primary)

“My favourite thing to do with Mummy is “giving her a big hug”. She is so beautiful because “she is amazing”. – Lucas (Kindy)

When I am at school, mummy spends her time “waiting”. She is so beautiful because “of her earrings”. – Yasmine (Kindy)

“Thank you for putting food on my table, even if I don’t like it.” – Emelie (Year 3)

“You’re cooking is so yum and I just like that you’re beautiful! You are the best joker and they make me laugh so hard.” Arijen (Year 3)

“You are the best mum and I love you. Wherever you go I follow you everywhere that’s why I love you so much” – Zechary (Year 3)

“Mummy is beautiful. She has green eyes and she speaks in a lady voice and she always says I’m the best person she could ever look after.” – Samuel (Kindy)

Key Dates

College Calendar Link – In recent times, our school calendar has changed regularly. 

Year 6 Forest Edge Recreation Camp

On Wednesday, we bid farewell to our Year 6 students as they boarded the bus, bound for Forest Edge Recreation Camp in Waroona. There were lots of very excited faces as students loaded their bags aboard the bus and set-off for 3 days of adventures and activities.

Students undertook a range of different activities including raft building, flying fox, abseiling and orienteering. One of the things that impressed me the most during my visit to the camp, was the attitude that students brought to each activity – they were willing to ‘have-a-go’ and also provide support and encouragement to their peers.

I extend my sincere thanks to the teaching staff who attended the camp and in doing so, gave up their own precious family and personal time, in order to provide this experience for our students. I expect that there will be some very weary faces on the bus ride home this afternoon.

Marian Campus Mother’s Day Liturgy

Thank you to our Pre Primary Unit for their efforts in preparing a wonderful Liturgical celebration of our mother’s. The focus on Mary, Mother of Jesus throughout the Liturgy, provided a beautiful reminder that we should all strive to live our lives with open, joyful hearts and a willingness to say ‘yes’ to God, even in times of uncertainty.

Thank you to the Marian mothers and grandmothers that joined us for this very special celebration.

Year 5 Blue Assembly

Thank you to 5 Blue for the preparation of this morning’s assembly. It was so lovely to gather as a whole campus in the auditorium again, and also to have our families present.

5 Blue dazzled us with their talents throughout their assembly performance. Thank you to Mrs Sankar for her work in preparing the assembly item. I also extend my congratulations to the Merit Award winners for their fantastic efforts.

Marian Campus School Photos

School photos for students at Marian Campus are scheduled for Thursday 12 May (please note change of date from Friday 13 May).

Students should be dressed in full school uniform with neat and tidy presentation.

Teaching and Learning Message – NAPLAN

As we head into NAPLAN next week, I am reminded of the following quote by Carol S. Dweck, “Test scores and measures of achievement tell you where a student is at, but they don’t tell you where the student could end up.”

Next week, NAPLAN will begin with the writing assessment on Tuesday the 10th of May for years three and five. We wish all our students the best of luck and that they enter the week feeling confident and ready to give it their best. Students will need to ensure that their iPads are fully charged each evening and that they have working headphones.

We ask that our school community keep the students in their thoughts and prayers.

The last NAPLAN assessment will take place Thursday 19 May.
Miss Katya Anderson – Leader of Learning (PK-6)

Wellbeing Message – Screen Time

Over the school holidays, it is not unusual for students to enjoy some extra screen time either by themselves or with friends. This can include gaming, messaging via the iPad, or enjoying numerous streaming services. However, for some students when they go back to school, it can be hard to return to their normal routine.

It is important to strike a balance between appropriate screen time use (which can bring many benefits), and unregulated screen time which can have some very negative effects on children. These can include exposure to age-inappropriate materials, disruption of sleep patterns, and even addiction (you can google ‘screen dependency disorder’ to learn more about this). Additionally, often the social issues we deal with in the upper years of primary school are a result of things that have occurred online.

Experts recommend that for children aged 6 and over, parents should place consistent limits on the time children spend on devices, as well as the type of information they are accessing. They recommend that families set ground rules early and enforce them by setting aside device free time and have regular conversation with their children about the things they are doing and seeing online. We know there are many families in our community who do this already. One way families can seek support in this area is with Family Digital Agreements. These are a set of rules about how devices like iPads, or phones will be used in your home, and the expectations you have for your children. These agreements are designed to be created in consultation with your children. There are many examples of these agreements in place, including the ones below:

How to set up your own agreement with Jocelyn Brewer:

Setting up an agreement – E-Safety Australia:

Family Nature Plan – Nature Play W.A.

Internet Matters example agreement:

If there are any families that feel they could benefit from support around this issue, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with myself or your child’s teacher.
Mr Stuart McClorey – Leader of Wellbeing (PK-6)