Newman News Term 3 Week 10: From the Leader of Wellbeing Primary

On Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of hosting the Spring Music Night for Lavalla students in the Marist Auditorium. As I was listening to each of the performers backstage, all I could think of was how amazing these young people were; both in the talents they showed in their performances and in the courage they had to perform in front of so many people. I wish every student and family could have been there to witness their great success. In schools it is very easy to recognise achievement in some students. For those students who are great in Maths, they get the opportunity to show this every day. Or for the student’s who love sport, they perhaps get to share their talents each week with their team mates. Tuesday night was a wonderful occasion to showcase the achievements of some of our other students too. From Margaux and Oliver’s amazing vocal solos, to the hardworking and beautiful sounding Year 3 string quartet.

For those who were unable to attend on the night, please click here to watch the recorded show.

I hope all students at our Campus know that their opportunities for success and achievement are not limited to the classroom and in fact it is even outside of the classroom where some of these achievements can matter most. We are looking forward to seeing even more of these talents in the upcoming performances next term, including the much-anticipated Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical.

I would also like to thank all students, teachers and support staff for a wonderful (and busy) Term 3 and wish all families a safe and relaxing break. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday 13 October.

In My Shoes

This week, students in Year 4 Blue finished up a pilot program they have been working on all term called ‘In My Shoes’. It is a school based social inclusion program designed specifically for Years 3 and 4 classes which aims to increase student awareness of their strengths and weaknesses; increase feelings of acceptance, respect and belonging; and improve student’s interpersonal empathy and use of pro-social (or helping) behaviours to include peers in the classroom or playground. Students were presented with certificates for completing the program this week and I would like to thank Mrs Fitzpatrick for the hard work and dedication she has shown in implementing the program, as well as all Year 4 Blue students for the positive way they have approached all lessons. Great job!

Lavalla Bookswap

This morning, Mrs Le Dan and our Student Council Library Monitors hosted the Lavalla Bookswap. It was great to see so many students bring in books to donate over these past few weeks and for students to have the opportunity to purchase new books today. We owe a big thanks to all those families who helped with donations – without their generosity this event simply would not be able to take place. We are looking forward to donating the funds raised to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Years 3 and 5 Buddy Activity

Earlier this week, the Year 5 classes invited our Year 3 students to take part in an ‘Amazing Race’. Year 5 students have been working all term to complete a Project Based learning tast which required them to create an ‘Amazing Race’ around two countries from North and South America. Year 5 had to create ‘roadblocks’ and challenges which the Year 3 students were more than happy to take part in. A big thank you must go to all of our Year 5 students and teachers for helping to prepare such a wonderful experience for our Year 3 students. Well done!

Year 5 Excursion

Today, the Year 5 students took a trip to the zoo as part of their Science Unit on adaptations. Students had the opportunity to explore the habitats of a number of animals and were able to listen to a presentation from Zookeepers about the importance of nature preservation, and some of the different ways animals have been able to adapt to their environment over the years. What a great way to finish the term!

“The zoo excursion was amazing and I loved learning about different animals and their adaptations” – Aaron Stannard


Last week we were entertained by the Year 5 Green class who delivered their assembly item around the theme of remote learning, giving us a ‘day in the life of’ experience of the students in Year 5. We thank the Year 5 Green class along with Miss Cresp for their thoroughly entertaining item! We also recognised a large number of Merit Award winners last week. Congratulations to these students for their fine efforts to finish the term.

Marcellin Award

The Marcellin Award at Lavalla is presented at assemblies to one student selected by the Leadership Team from submitted nominations.

Congratulations Xavier Dunstan Year 5 who was recognised as being one of the consistently quiet achievers of our College. He never causes a fuss or complains and his gentle, kind manner means he is an absolute pleasure to have in class. Xavier is always helping others and doing things without being asked and put simply, makes his class a better place to be.

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Book Week 2020

Book Week will be celebrated across the College in Term 4 Week 2 (Monday 19 – Friday 23 October 2020). This year’s Book Week theme is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds!

Activities on the Lavalla Campus will include:

Monday 19 October: Lavalla Parade in the Marist Auditorium at 9.00am

Monday 26 October: Illustrator Incursion, Aska