Newman News Term 3 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal Primary

Today’s Athletics carnival was a wonderful celebration of community spirit and sportsmanship. Joining together to undertake a range of athletic events, students displayed fantastic team spirit. Some of my favourite moments of the day centred around students congratulating one another after their races and cheering one another on. Whilst we celebrate student success when they win their events, a massive goal of their athletics carnival is to instil our students a sense of sportsmanship and team spirit.  

Significant work happens behind the scenes to make these events run smoothly. My sincere thanks are extended to Mrs Tash Richards and Mrs Lara Vlahov for their hard work in preparing the students and coordinating the carnival. The day was an enormous success, that ran very smoothly thanks to their hard work and attention to detail. 

Congratulations to Brigid Guild on winning the Spirt Award. All results of guilds and champions will be released when scores are tallied up.

Speak up Awards 

The Speak Up awards are sponsored by the Grand Lodge of WA Freemasons and are  held teach years for students across Western Australia, in years 4, 5, or 6.  

Three Newman College students were successful in getting to the Preliminary Final round. They spoke fantastically and were excellent role models for our College. Congratulations to: 

  • Grace Taylor  
  • Isla Kalebic  
  • Stefan Moschopoulos 

Father’s Day

Last week, in celebration and recognition of fathers, father figures and other significant men in the lives of our students, the College hosted two Father’s Day events. Students from Lavalla and Marcellin were invited to attend the Community Mass on Thursday morning, before staying to enjoy a light morning tea together.  

Marian students, joined with their Dad to enjoy a sausage sizzle breakfast, followed by a beautifully prepared Liturgy dedicated to our Fathers, and to St Joseph – father of Jesus.  

A big thank you is extended to the mothers and grandmothers that assisted on the Friday morning, in cooking and preparing the sausage sizzle. It was so lovely to have our parents back on campus for an event, and to be able to celebrate our community spirit in such an affirming way.  

Thank you to the teachers from our Year 2 Unit who prepared our Marian students for the liturgical celebration, and our students who participated in the liturgy also.  

Lavalla Assembly 

Last Friday, students from 3 Blue presented a wonderful version of the story of the Good Samaritan set to music from the 80’s. It was a very contemporary way to share a very important that message – that Jesus calls on us to show love and kindness to eevryone we encounter, not just our family and friends. This can be tricky sometimes, but it is who we are called to be by being part of a Marist community. We also acknowledged the efforts of a number of students, including those from our extra-curricular Coder Dojo club who completed their projects this week. Congratulations to all students on their success over these past few weeks! 

Marcellin Award 

This week’s Marcellin Award was presented to Chole Male in 6 Blue. Chloe was nominated by a number of teachers, for the kind hearted and gracious way in which she supports and offers help to others. Like Marcellin Champagnat, Chloe is a highly relational, invitational and patient young person who has made a significant impact in our community. Well done Chloe on setting such a great example to us all. 

Year 5 Incursion 

Last Thursday, students from Year 5 took part in an incursion run by the Electoral Education Centre. Students had the chance to learn about our preferential voting system, and even had the chance to put their knowledge to the test in the form of a mock election. Students also had the chance to learn about compulsory voting, enrolments, and the different types of ballot papers that exist. It was a very informative incursion, and we thank our Year 5 teachers for organising this event.