Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Leader of Early Childhood

Key Dates – Next fortnight

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Swimming lessons 

Our Year 1 and 2 students have had a wonderful start to swimming lessons in our College Pool. I congratulate all these students on the efforts and energy, in not only their lessons, but in also their self-organisational skills.

Assembly – 1Blue 

Thank you to Mrs Day and our 1 Blue student’s who performed a wonderful assembly and showed us the learning that they have been undertaking in their classroom. Their rendition of “Rock around the Clock” was a personal favourite, as well as demonstrating the great mathematical learning they have been undertaking.

Liturgy – St Cecilia’s Feast Day 

Yesterday, Father Kaz and our Year 1 students led us through a liturgy to celebrate the Feast Day of St Cecilia. Father Kaz shared with us that the lesson we can take from St Cecilia’s is how she loved God, shared that love with others and showed bravery. As the patron saint of music, our students certainly rose to the occasion with their beautiful singing and liturgical dance.

Marian Liturgy 2021 Marian Liturgy 2021 Marian Liturgy 2021

Kindy Orientation 

On Monday, we welcomed our 2022 Kindergarten students to the College. There were lots of excited and eager faces, as they met their kindy teachers and explored their kindergarten classroom.
Thank you to the many mums and dads (and some grandparents) who joined us for the information session and morning tea. We look forward to a long journey together ahead.

New Kindy T-shirt and Bag 

Earlier this term, I put the call out to our current kindergarten students and challenged them to design a picture that could be used on our new Kindergarten T-shirts from 2022. I am pleased to announce that Sofia Tassone from Kindy Green was the winner, amongst a tough field of fabulous designs.

Kindy Competition 2021

Transition Day 

In our continuing efforts to cater to the wellbeing needs of our students and provide a settled transition into the new school year, we will be holding a transition session for all students in Kindy – Year 5 on Friday 26 November.

All students in Kindy to Year 5 will be informed of their 2022 classroom teacher and then be given the opportunity to spend time in their new classroom, meeting their teacher. This will provide students with an opportunity to ask questions about the 2022 school year and begin the important connection with their new teacher and classmates.

Class lists will be sent to families at 3.30pm on Friday 26 November. Please note that no changes to class lists will be possible. A thorough process has been undertaken by teaching staff to place students according to their academic, social, emotional, pastoral, and behavioural needs. Further, families were invited to contact myself, or their child’s current classroom teacher if they had any concerns regarding 2022 classroom placement. Children have also provided their teachers with the names of their closest friends, and we have ensured that at least one of these friends will be in each child’s 2022 classroom.

Pre-Kindy Parent Information Session 

A reminder that the 2022 Pre-Kindergarten Parent Information session will be held in the Marian Library on Monday 29 November from 9.00am. Pre-Kindergarten Orientation packs will be available at the information session, or afterwards from the Marian Campus Administration.

Year 3 2022 Transition Program 

On Friday 26th November all Year 2 students are invited to attend a transition day at the Lavalla campus in preparation for 2022.

The purpose of the day is to familiarise students with the sights and sounds of the Lavalla campus. The day will involve several different lessons and activities.
Families can drop students off at Lavalla campus from 8.15am and students should assemble in the hall where their Year 2 teachers will be waiting.
Students should be collected from Lavalla Campus at 2.45pm.

If you have any questions please contact or speak to your child’s classroom teacher.

MercyCare School Holiday Program 

For more information regarding MercyCare’s upcoming School Holiday program please click here. 

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