Newman News Term 4 Week 6: From the Leader of Primary

As we begin to move towards the end of the school year, it Is very easy to start thinking about the year ahead.  However, we are still very much focused on helping all of our students to finish the school year well, and enter the summer break feeling good about their accomplishments across the year.

Next Friday, we will be holding a transition afternoon for the first time for all of our students from Kindy to Year 5. Students will be informed of their class and teacher for next year, and then given a chance to spend some time in the afternoon with their new teacher and classmates in their new classroom. This will give students a chance to experience their new environment for 2022, as well as begin to build a relationship with their teacher. We are looking forward to the afternoon, and I’m sure it will be well received by students too.

Key Dates – Next fortnight

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Remembrance Day 

Last Thursday, 11 November, students gathered together to take part in a commemoration of Remembrance Day. This is a special day where we remember the sacrifice of soldiers everywhere who have died in conflicts across the world, but especially World War I. Students from Year 6 led our ceremony, reading the poem In Flanders Fields, and reciting the Ode of Remembrance. I would like to thank all those students who took part in our commemoration showing reverence and respect, and especially to our Year 6 students for leading the ceremony for us all.

Lavalla Remembrance Day 2021

Leadership Retreat 

Last Friday, Year 5 students gathered in the hall to take part in their Leadership retreat. I must say, I have been quite impressed with the thoughtful, and mature approach our Year Five students have taken to the leadership process, and I know many students agonised long and hard over their leadership letters. Students had a great time at the retreat, balancing a mix of the leadership qualities we might see in superheroes, as well as recognising how the Fruits of the Holy Spirit can be drawn upon to demonstrate Christ centred leadership. Students will be presenting their speeches next week, and we will announce our student leaders for 2022 shortly thereafter.

Lavalla Leadership Retreat Y6 2021

Touch Rugby Carnival    

Last week several our Year 6 students, accompanied by supercoaches Mrs Richards and Mrs Biancuzzo, took part the IPSHA Touch Rugby Carnival. Students have been practicing hard over a number of weeks and had a great time at the carnival. Mrs Biancuzzo’s team went undefeated, while Mrs Richards’ team won all but one of their games, so there could be some future champions among our group! Most impressive though, was that the students improved with each game over the day, and the great sportsmanship and spirit of competition the students showed on the day. We are always very proud to hear of moments when our students represent our College so well.

Year 3 Fire & Emergency Services Incursion 

Last Friday, our Year 3 students were very lucky to have a visit from Mr Kelly Wyeth (Dad of Billie (Y3) and Austin (Y6)) who came with his team of Fire and Emergency Services personnel to talk with students about fire and fire safety. Year 3 students have been learning about heat transfer as part of their science program, and the different ways heat can move in and around objects. Mr Wyeth presented on some of the ways fire can move and spoke to students about some of the technology emergency services use to track fires, and how they can move so quickly through the environment. Fortunately for students, Mr Wyeth was able to bring the fire truck too meaning students were really able to gets hands on with their learning. We owe a big thanks to Mr Wyeth and his team for giving up their time, and helping to create a very real and authentic learning experience for our students.

Transition Day 

In our continuing efforts to cater to our student wellbeing needs and provide a settled transition into the new school year, we will be holding a transition session for all students in Kindy – Year 5 on Friday 26 November.

All students in Kindy to Year 5 will be informed who their 2022 classroom teacher will be, and they will then spend time in their new classroom, meeting with their teacher. This will provide students with an opportunity to ask questions about the 2022 school year and begin the important connection with their new teacher and classmates.

Class lists will be sent to families at 3.30pm on Friday 26 November. Please note that no changes to class lists will be possible. Families have been invited to contact myself, or their child’s current classroom teacher if they had any concerns regarding 2022 classroom placement. Additionally, all children have been asked who their friends at school are, and we have ensured that at least one of these named friends will be in each child’s 2022 classroom.

We will also welcome all our Year 2 students on this day where they will enjoy a day of orientation at the Lavalla campus. If you see any of our younger students please join us in making them feel welcome with a friendly smile or wave hello.


Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Production Rehearsals 

Last week several students across our campus began preparing for the College production for 2022 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You can have a read of their experiences below.

Hi! We are the Year 4 oompaloompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we are here to tell you about the rehearsal day we had in the auditorium. It was a great day. We all got to see what everyone from the camp had been working on. After watching some songs we got called out to get our lunch which was Chicken Treat. Then we went up to the steps and ate our lunch – it was delicious! We all had an icy pole too and then ended up creating a circle and going in to do tricks and dancing. After that we went and joined the rehearsals. We ran through about six songs, and when we weren’t performing our songs, we could watch the others. It was so cool to see what everyone was working and everything has been going really good so far. All of us are very excited and we had an incredible day.  

Berkley, Mila, and Avia – Year 4 

My favourite part of the camp day was having the opportunity to practice on stage. It made me feel very excited and happy and also very grateful that we had been chosen. Being in the auditorium was a great experience because we got to see all the other members of the cast and we realised that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was alive! We can’t wait for the performance day next year and would like to thank all the staff who work so hard to direct and encourage us.  

Elise – Year 4 

Swimming Lessons 

This week we commenced the first of our two weeks of swimming lessons. I think the combination of the warmer weather and refreshing water has meant many students have thoroughly enjoyed their time in the pool this week. We have spoken as a campus about the importance of listening to our swim teachers, and expressing our thanks to them at the end of each lesson which students have been doing. Let’s keep this up! Students have also done quite well with lost property! If your child is missing a towel, sock, or goggles please check the undercover area, or you can check in with Mrs Johnson in the office.

Newman Junior Netball 

It was very pleasing to hear recently of the success of one our Newman Junior Netball teams! The Year 5 Sapphires team recently won the premiership for Division One, beating a number of other teams along the way in what was a very successful season. It was a wonderful achievement for the girls. Congratulations to Agustina, Lucy, Sienna, Annabelle, Savannah, Livia, Emersyn, and Layla on their success

Newman Jr Netball 2021

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