Newman News Term 4 Week 9: From the Deputy Principal Primary

Year 6 Graduation 

Tuesday evening was a wonderful celebration of our Year 6 students primary school journey. The St John Henry Newman Learning Hub provided a beautiful backdrop for the Awards ceremony, as our students reflected on the journey that lies ahead of them on Marcellin Campus. Congratulations to our Annual Award winners on their significant achievements:

Year 6 Subject Award Winners 2022 

Religious Education  

6 Blue: Mitchell Short 
6 Green: Lucas Stanway 
6 Red: Sienna Larcombe 


6 Blue: Ella Baws 
6 Green: Bailey Aylmore 
6 Red: Gabrielle Ferreira Ballinger 


6 Blue: Deion Fernando 
6 Green: Nathan Ausmeier 
6 Red: Alessio Gismondi 

Humanities & Social Sciences – Damon Caratti 

Science  – Holly Hart 

Health – Zoe Krasnykova 

Digital & Design Technologies – Ruben Zafiropoulos 

Physical Education   

The Physical Education award is presented to the student who has performed at a high level throughout all physical education classes throughout the year. 

Luke Rombouts 

Annabelle Adamini 

Outstanding Athlete 

The Most Outstanding Athlete award is presented to the athlete who has shown consistent success across the swimming, cross country, and athletics carnivals. 

Hamish Macgregor  

Kaydee Van Deventer 

Italian/Languages – Alessandro La Verghetta 

Music – Joshua Woods 

Visual Arts – Ruben Zafiropoulos 

Performing Arts – Madison Bradford 

Year 6 Major Award Winners 2022 

Commitment to Learning 

The Commitment to Learning awards are presented to one student in each class who consistently strives for self-improvement through a reflective process, completes tasks on time, demonstrates independent work habits and always works collaboratively with others. They set an excellent example to their peers in their diligent approach towards their learning.  

6 Blue – Tayla Berghan 

6 Green – Zac Sindall 

6 Red – Emily Mainstone 

Citizenship Award 

This award acknowledges a student who has proved to be an outstanding young citizen by their attitude towards fellow students and teachers, their behaviour both within the school and in their community and their willingness to participate in activities and projects. They are a person who sets an example for their peers, contributing positively to our school community at every opportunity.   

Hamish Macgregor 

Saint Marcellin Champagnat Award 

The Saint Marcellin Champagnat Award is built on our Marist Charisms; and is presented to a student who demonstrates a knowledge of our Faith, shows active service, care and respect for others, has a genuine love of work and an approach of simplicity in all that they do. They are the difference maker in our community, doing all that they do in the way of Mary with humility, courage and strength. 

Andie Anderton 

Proxime Accessit (Runner up Dux) 

This award is presented to a student who has worked consistently hard all year to demonstrate a very high level of academic success. This student embodies the Marist characteristic of Love of Work and has set a fine example for their peers. 

Joshua Woods 

Saint John Henry Newman Award (Dux) 

This prestigious award is presented to one student who has displayed consistently high academic achievement and application across all key learning areas. They have demonstrated outstanding results across all subject areas, working diligently and consistently all year to achieve success. 

Kaydee Van Deventer 

Pizza Pool Parties & Marian Water Fun Day

This week our students in Year 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed their annual Pizza Pool Party, with many smiles and laughs being enjoyed as students splashed and cooled off in the College pool. Our Marian Campus students had a wonderful time on the water slides today, and the excitement on their faces was a wonderful culmination of the busy term.   

 We hope the event enabled students to celebrate their hard work and achievements from across the year with their friends and teachers. 

Year 2 Assembly – Farewell to Marian Campus 

Our Year 2 students performed a beautiful rendition of the Dr Suess book “Oh! The places you will go!” which is a very accurate reflection of what lies ahead for them as they transition over to our Lavalla Campus.  

Their entrance to the song ‘Fame’ also set the scene beautifully, for the celebration and reflection of all their wonderful learning and achievements across the Marian Campus.  

A very big thank you to their teachers for preparing such a wonderful farewell event.  

Christmas Carols 

Thank you to our families for joining us on Wednesday evening for our Primary Carols & Awards evening. I have had overwhelmingly positive feedabck frgom families and teachers on the atmosphere of the evening. Our students sung beuatifully, and the sense of Newman College community was very evident across the evening.  

A special thanks to Ms Ava Bilton for her countless hors of preparation in teaching the carols to our students, and to our Newman Voices choir for their support of the event also.  

Annual Awards Winners 

Congratulations to the following students on their wonderful achievements.  

 In the Way of Mary Award presented to the student who embodies the Marist faith throughout the year in their daily words and actions.  Shine Through Discovery Award presented to the student who has achieved outstanding academic achievement over the school year  Br Francois Award Presented to a student who has demonstrated exceptional growth in their learning over the school year.  
Kindy Red Lucas Pitcher Charlotte Alchin  Sienna Bendall 
Kindy Green Sienna Jowett Leopold Boyatzis Ethan Philpott 
Kindy Blue Harvey O’Keeffe Logan Morphett Lily Jopson 
Pre-Primary Red Lily Jones Sidney Williamson Sofia Tassone 
Pre-Primary Green Lincoln Rodgers Pia Nair  Noah Smith  
Pre-Primary Blue Ava Petherick Leon Di Benedetto Finley Shephard 
1 Red Leo Porter Poppy Head Sam Honeywell 
1 Green Emerson Dolz Leith Morgan Donovan Johnson 
1 Blue Miranda Porter Odette Taylor Connor Whitehead 
2 Red Nina Gordon Benjamin Van Wynter Cybulski 
2 Green Taylor Heng Luke Parry Leonardo Cardaci Anza 
2 Blue Ella Reilly Lucas Ramsden Joshua Bower 
3 Red Ella Jones  Noah Mawson Jack McCagh 
3 Green Oliver Duck Lachlan Rear Alyssa D’Agostino 
3 Blue Franklin Walker Lucius Van Zyl Samantha Glyde 
4 Red Zoe Teh Ryan Magee Nicholas Ausmeier 
4 Green Julian Cameron Rita Kirk Cooper D’Agostino 
4 Blue Sloane O’Brien Kate Gordon  Liam Cooley 
5 Red Savannah Otten Elena Thornberry Griffin Chester 
5 Green John Haarhoff Mavrick Patterson Eva Glew 
5 Blue Berkley Blizzard Lola Vogl Arlia Della Franca 

2023 Student Council & Faction Captains

The 2023 Student Council and Faction Captains were announced at our Carols event. This announcement followed a thorough process where students were requried to provide a written application detailing their desire and suitability for a position on the student council.  Individual speeches were then delivered to their peers, teachers and members of leadership, after which the Year 5 cohort of students and teaching staff voted.  

Congratulations to the following students who form our 2023 Student Council: 

  • Noah Parelli 
  •  Nicholas Heng
  •  John Haarhoff
  •  Cooper Raguseo
  •  Otis Keane
  •  Sophie Parry
  •  Ava Di Pietro
  •  Elise Cakar
  •  Eva Menzies-Stewart
  •  Grace Taylor

Congratulations to our 2023 Faction Captains: 

Brigid: Rhys Hearn & Arlia Della Franca  

Marcellin: Mavrick Patterson & Mya Cantelo  

Delaney: Stefan Moscholopolous & Isla Kalebic  

Knox: Jordy Vladich & Layla Bornmann 

Stationary supplies for Lavalla students

There are no booklists for Primary school students and supplies will be provisioned by the classroom teachers.  

However, parents of Lavalla Campus (Year 3 – Year 6, 2023) students will require the following items: 
*   pencil case 
*   scissors 
*   ruler 
*   glue stick 
*   lead pencils & eraser 
*   blue pens & red pens 
*   highlighter 
*   coloured pencils 
*   textas 
*   earphones