Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools & Colleges Update & Awards

The 2018 Catholic Performing Arts Festival is in full flight with the Newman College Arts students ‘shining through discovery ‘across all of the Arts disciplines.

An enormous thank you and congratulation to Margaret Goldsmith (Newman College Catholic Performing Arts Coordinator), for her outstanding commitment in coordinating over 130 entries in the Visual and Performing Arts. Many of these entries include large students groups, and several of our students perform across several Arts disciplines. Our notably significant involvement has showcased our exceptional Arts program, which is led by our incredibly talented, committed and passionate Arts staff, and actioned by our equally gifted and talented students.

We have had increased primary school entries this year, with inclusion in the Junior Primary Coral Speaking section and the Primary Angelico Art exhibition. Our liturgical singing and choir program has once again been showcased at an exceptional standard of etiquette and performance.

The following students have had their Art work displayed at the Primary Angelico Art Exhibition for 2018. The students have displayed outstanding commitment to their craft and we are blessed that they are able to share their talents. Thank you to Mrs Amy Farrell for your instruction and support.

  • Charlotte Laurent, Year 6
  • Ella Hills, Year 4
  • Ella Scott, Year 5
  • Zoe Ehlers, Year 3
  • Savannah Doyle, Year 6
  • Harper Gamble, Year 6

The Secondary Angelico Art Exhibition opens on Monday 13 August. We encourage you to attend this exhibition to view our amazing Visual Arts student works. The program of events and performance has been published on the whole school College Calendar. Congratulations to the students below who have had their artwork selected to be showcased:

  • David Dal Busco
  • Chloe Meyer
  • Molly York
  • Ella Nicholas
  • Grace Hasler
  • Keira Burgess

Newman College Arts has been a highly visible contributor in 2018 in support of this wonderful festival in the Catholic Education calendar. The college has been represented across a record number of categories this year, with the number of awards we have received to date testimony to this.

Our involvement in Catholic Performing Arts is supported by our whole college community. On behalf of the Arts team we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the college staff who have support the students involvement, by adjusting learning and assessment programs, class instruction and activities to accommodate our student involvement. Thank you also to the parents of our students and for their tireless support in taking students to and from, and watching events.

Congratulations to all the students who have taken part in the festival so far, for all your accomplishments to date. “Chookas” to all those who are yet to perform, or exhibit. We wish you well!

Newman College has certainly shone in the Arts learning area, within the wider Catholics Education community, through our continued involvement in Catholic Performing Arts. Congratulations to all who have been involved for 2018.

Maree Grayden, Leader of Learning Arts PK-12

Below is a list of Award winners to date;


Jessica Gugliotta & Beth Redwood for Secondary Vocal Duet – Sisters of St John of God Award


Eva Hill & Maud-Elise Buchanan – Instrumental Duet (Secondary Strings)
Rose Troon – Instrumental Solo (Secondary Strings)
Newman College Arts Collective – Secondary Drama
Tessa Hadfield & Madeline Chakaodza – Instrumental Duet (Primary Strings)
Sam Biancuzzo – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Krishav Sheth – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Arlo Gaunt – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Owen Hill – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Leila Woods – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Liam Stannard – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Rainer Lin – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Montana Rapoff & Joshua Do – Instrumental Duet (Primary Strings)
Aidan Kwa & Holly Thompson – Instrumental Duet (Primary Strings)
Gabrielle Ang – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Lucas March – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Lavalla Strings – Instrumental Ensemble (Strings)
Newman String Quartet – Instrumental Ensemble (Strings)
Jessica Gugliotta & Beth Redwood – Secondary Vocal Duet
Senior Liturgical Team – Christian Dance (Secondary)
Beth Redwood – Secondary Vocal Solo
Emilie Costley – Secondary Vocal Solo
Addison Blizzard – Primary Vocal Solo


Grease – Secondary Musical
Michael Hart – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Jude Tanham – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Imogen Boss – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Jett Patterson – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Mason McCullough – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Alexander Boddy – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Lily Turvey & India Lillee – Instrumental Duet (Primary Strings)
Ty Patterson – Instrumental Solo (Primary Strings)
Newman Saxophone Ensemble – Instrumental Ensemble (Woodwind)
Alexander Santoro – Primary Piano Solo
Aidan Iannantuoni & Stella Martin – Instrumental Duet (Primary Strings)
Molly Hayes & Isabella Stanway – Instrumental Duet (Primary Strings)
Jessica Gugliotta – Secondary Vocal Solo
Newman Groove – Contemporary Band
Kai Ehlers – Primary Vocal Solo
Jordan Smith – Instrumental Solo (Primary Woodwind)
Pippa Simpson – Instrumental Solo (Primary Woodwind)


Newman College Brass Ensemble – Instrumental Ensemble (Brass) Newman College Clarinet Ensemble – Instrumental Ensemble (Woodwind)
Percussion Ensemble – Instrumental Ensemble (Percussion)
Asha James – Secondary Vocal Solo
Stephen Loreck – Secondary Vocal Solo
Trey Eaton-McCavana – Secondary Vocal Solo
Poppy Corbett – Secondary Vocal Solo
Isabella Beaumont – Secondary Vocal Solo
Lavalla Liturgical Choir – Primary Non Auditioned Choir
Bianca Trimboli – Primary Vocal Solo
Newman Jazz – Big Band
Newman College Year 5 Class Choir – Beginning Choir
Lavalla Campus Choir – Selected Choirs
Newman College Year 4 Class Choir – Beginning Choir
Symphonic Winds – Concert Band


Grace Hasler – Sculpture