Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools & Colleges

Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools & Colleges in Western Australia was established to help the students of Catholic schools and colleges experience the spirit and tradition of the performing arts.

The Festival seeks to provide students with specific ‘performance platforms’ where they have the unique opportunity to give of their very best and perform to a public audience. Open to both primary and secondary school students, the performance categories encompass choral, drama, musical, instrumental, vocal and dance aspects of the performing arts. Approximately 18,000 students enter the festival each year.

The Festival commences with a Mass (Thursday 25 July) at Infant Jesus Parish, Morley and performances (daytime and evening) are held between Monday 29 July and Friday 6 September in various venues throughout the metropolitan area.

The Festival culminates with a Final Concert staged at the Perth Concert Hall.

The Angelico Exhibition for Catholic Students is a prestigious annual event on the Catholic school art calendar. The Angelico Exhibition is named after Blessed Fra Angelico, Patron before God of Artists. The Exhibition provides a broad public forum through which Catholic students throughout Western Australia are able to exhibit their dynamic artistic talents. In 2019, the Angelico Exhibition will take place at Forrest Centre, 221 St George’s Terrace, Perth.