Term 3 Week 10: From the Head of Primary

As we work through the last week I can safely say our students have packed a huge amount into the term. Our students have been again given the opportunity to develop their gifts and talents in a range of different areas. Our focus is always on the faith, learning and wellbeing of our students and the progress in all areas has been significant. Our students have also been able to celebrate on the sports field, the athletics track, dance floor, behind the podium and on the stage. We are blessed to be able to let their light shine in so many ways. I would like to thank everyone for their support this term and I wish you all a safe a restful holiday.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following students who have recently received a Marcellin Award in Weeks 9 and 10:

Indi Lo Presti, Year 1 Red – for caring for a Year 2 student when they were injured with love and compassion

Alessandro La Verghetta, Year 2 Red – for helping to clean and tidy up the nature play space and care for the resources.

Luka Delic, Year 2 Blue – for his awesome cooperating and problem solving in the playground.

Ava Prentice, Year 6 Green – Ava is someone who constantly endeavours to achieve their best in any lesson, activity or in working towards a goal. She is described as being proactive, using her initiative to see when something needs to be done and sorting it out. Ava is always ready to offer a helping hand or a kind smile.
Ava can be relied upon to set an excellent example for those around her. She asks important questions and seeks advice to help make things better. Ava is not afraid of a challenge! Her every thought and action is genuinely motivated from the heart, in both her consideration of others and in the hope of being the best she can be whilst never seeking outward praise or acknowledgement. It has been a privilege for staff to watch Ava grow into a mature and thoughtful leader with such wonderful potential to achieve amazing things.

The Marcellin Award is presented to children who show, in their everyday actions and words, the spirit of the character of St Marcellin Champagnat. The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly. At Lavalla Campus, the Marcellin Award is presented at campus assemblies to one student selected by the Leadership Team from submitted nominations.

Pre Primary – Year 2 Athletics Carnival

Well done to everyone who participated in today’s Athletics Carnival. The weather provided perfect conditions for a day of running, skipping, agility and relays. We saw a lot of enthusiastic students who displayed tremendous team spirit and sportsmanship throughout the day. It was wonderful seeing the broad smiles, hearing the cheers of encouragement and witnessing plenty of determination by all. Congratulations to Marcellin Faction for winning the Spirit Shield and Knox Faction for winning the Carnival. Thank you Mrs Northey for a organising a great day. Thank you to the many teachers & parents who helped students get active & enjoy a day of friendly competition. Click here to see more photos from the day.

Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival

The Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival took place on Friday 7 September on both the Lavalla and Marcellin Ovals. The students participated in rotational track and field events to minimise the time they were not active. The students all displayed great teamwork, challenged themselves to be their best, celebrated team and individual success and collaborated. Thank to Mrs Erica Horn and Ms Gabriella Panaia for organizing such a great day. Congratulations to Delaney for winning the faction carnival, record breakers and champions boys/girls. Click here for a full list of results and more photos from the day.


Years 3-6 IPSHA Interschool Carnival

Selected students from the Lavalla Campus were involved in the IPSHA Interschool Carnival held at All Saints College in Bullcreek on Thursday 13 September. The team were well prepared by Mrs Horn and came together as a cohesive team to represent the College. Congratulations to all who competed, especially those who broke records on the day.

Year Student Event Result Time/Distance
5 Harry Prentice 400m (B) 1st 1.13.13 (Record)
3 Koby Kalebic Turbo Jav 1st 21.78 (Record)
4 Cooper Trovarello Triple Jump 1st 8.42m (Record)
4 Cooper Trovarello 60m Hurdles (B) 1st 10.45 (Record)
3 Bailey Trovarello 80m (A) 1st 13.31 (Record)
4 Linus Keane 80m (B) 1st 12.23 (Record)
4 Cooper Trovarello 80m (A) 1st 12.13 (Record)
4 Linus Keane 200m (A) 1st 31.83 (Record)
4 4 x 100m Circular Relay 1st 1.06.55 (Record)


Town of Cambridge: Local School Art Exhibition

Congratulations to the following students who had their work chosen for display at the exhibition.

Ava Van Dommelen, Year 5 – won a Highly Commended for her piece titled: ‘Glowing Insect.
Ruben Zafitopoulos, Year 2 – work titled ‘Yama’
Joshua Woods, Year 2 – work titled ‘Jazz the Cat’

Speak Up Final

Congratulations to Harry Klein who represented the College in the Speak Up finals last night. After competing in the many heats and finals, Harry came 1st, winning $300 for the College to use to purchase books for the library and $150 for himself. Harry will be presented the winning shield in Term 4 by the Grand Master Dr William Gordan Brae who is the head of the Freemasonry WA.

Speak Up is an interschool public speaking competition challenging students to be creative, confident and engaging.

Staff Movements

Farewell Paola Rich

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Paola Rich all the best as she takes extended leave from the College. Mrs Rich has worked tirelessly for the students across the College but most importantly the Marian Campus. Thank you for everything you have done for our students, families and staff. We look forward to seeing you back in 2020.

Welcome Lisa McClue

I would like to welcome Mrs Lisa McClue to the Newman College staff as she takes on the role of Leader of Wellbeing at the Marian Campus. Mrs McClue is an experienced educator and will work closely with our students, staff and families on supporting a culture of success through resilience and wellbeing.

Lavalla Students vs Teachers Event

The Year 6 Student Council challenged the staff to a series of “minute to win it” challenges this week. The students did very well but were no match for the experienced teachers. The fun has continued each morning as the students take us on in the alphabet challenge.

Beating Hearts Band Concert

Last Wednesday we were privileged to hold a rock concert at the Lavalla Campus. The students were amazing as they lit up the Lavalla Hall. The student performances were:

Singers: Larni 6G/Michala 6G/Bianca 6G/Solei 6B/Savannah 6B

  1. Eye Of The Tiger’
    Matt 5B/Oliver 4R/Oscar 4B/Christian 4B
    Guitar: Liam 5B
  2. ‘Hey Baby’
    Luca 2B/Cooper 2G/Brodie 5B
  3. ‘Joy To The World’
    Hallie 5R/Christian 5R/Archie 5R
  4.  ‘We Will Rock You’
    Alex 4R/Elliot 4B/Henry 4B/Harrison 5B
  5. ‘I Will Survive’
    Hannah 4G/Kade 4B/Andrew 4B
  6. ‘Live Louder’
    Fletcher 5G/Liam 5G/Tyson 5G
  7. ‘Wipe Out’
    Charlie 4G/Oliver 4G/Julyen 4B/Jack 6G
    Guitar: Liam 5B
  8. ‘Ghostbusters’
    Harrison 5B/Brodie 5B/Matt 5B/Jack 6G

Thank you to Mr Cobb and Mr Frank Maceri. A special thanks to Miss Kilcullen and Mr Elliot who performed a rendition of Grease as Danny and Sandy.

Past Events

The children at Newman College are continuously engaging in motivating learning experiences that support embedding and enhancing their education. Some highlights from the past two weeks are:

Pre Kindy Farmyard Incursion

Year 4 Blue Assembly

Kindy STEM Activity

Year 6 Coding