Term 3 Week 8: From the Head of Primary

The College believes that by keeping parents informed of events and activities we are joining together to promote your child’s success. Through the introduction of Seesaw, emails, school reports and work samples, we hope you are able to understand not only what we are teaching, but why. I am truly grateful for the support and collaboration of parents in sharing our desire to offer the best opportunities for your children. We will continue to seek feedback from our students to see how we can best meet their needs. It is vital that as a large community centered around Christ and striving for a common goal, that we continue to work together, that we communicate freely, and support each other.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following students who have recently received a Marcellin Award in Weeks 6,7 and 8:

Harry Cooley, Year 2 Blue –  for helping to clean up and tidy the nature play area. Harry always works cooperatively with other students.

Leila Rossi, Year 1 Blue –  for her honesty and integrity as a person. Leila found a $5.00 note in the playground and handed it in to the duty teacher.

Livia Bogdanov, Year 2 Red –  For quickly inviting a classmate to join in play when they were alone.

Mikayla Short, Year 6 Blue –  Mikayla always demonstrates a sense of inclusivity in everything she does. She has an active awareness of her faith; this is displayed through participation at Thursday Morning Mass on a regular basis and the way she lives the Christian message everyday at school. Mikayla always gives willingly of her time and her level of service and commitment has been noted by several staff on many occasions. Mikayla is not one to make a fuss, rather, she goes about things in a quiet and subtle manner which is beautiful to see. Her qualities of sincerity, cooperation and diligence are noted by classmates and teachers. Every action is without thought of personal gain. She sees a need and does something about it.

The Marcellin Award is presented to children who show, in their everyday actions and words, the spirit of the character of St Marcellin Champagnat. The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly. At Lavalla Campus, the Marcellin Award is presented at campus assemblies to one student selected by the Leadership Team from submitted nominations.

Marian Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 20 September, students in Pre Primary – Year 2 will enjoy a fun filled day of competition and faction spirit at the Marian Campus Athletics Carnival. Click here for all details regarding the Carnival and the schedule for the day.


Newman College Arts Festival

Artist in Residence Program
The Newman College Arts Festival program has been in full swing over the last couple of weeks with some truly wonderful inspirational and enriching arts experiences being facilitated by our 2018 Artist in Residence, Mr Andy Quilty. Click here to read more.

Save the Date: Newman College Art Show – Wednesday 10 October
The student artwork inspired by Andy will be showcased at the exhibition on Wednesday 10 October along with a multitude of 2D and 3D artworks produced by students from across all three campuses (this includes Technology Materials and Design projects). The showcase will also feature the presentation of awards and Performance Art by Years 9 and 10 Drama students and an array of musical items from Music students in the Music programs at Lavalla and Marcellin campuses. Click here to read more.

Parents of Newman Soiree – Friday 12 October
Join our community for a night of fun and fanfare, set amongst the artwork of our student community. On Friday 12 October join parents and friends at the Marist Auditorium from 6pm to 9m. A cocktail reception including drinks and canapes will be provided, along with live jazz performances from experienced jazz musicians. Every ticket purchased will provide an entry into the major prize draw, which includes a first prize of 50% discount on your eldest child’s tuition fees in 2019; along with other great prizes! Tickets are just $30 and can be purchased by clicking here. Bookings close October 2, so please book promptly.

Save the Date: Primary School Disco, Friday 9 November

Cyber Safety

Parents are reminded to monitor their children’s device use and their online presence to ensure they are being safe. They should never share passwords or personal information with anyone.

Behaviour Management – Respect

The Primary Leadership Team and staff have been reminding students of the College’s pillars of respect.

  • Respect for our faith – Acknowledge the faith journey of each person and share positively in the faith life of our Marist school
  • Respect for others – Value differences in other people and respect all who work in the Newman community
  • Respect for self – Value the talents we have and achieve to the best of our ability
  • Respect for learning – Contribute to a safe, orderly and productive learning environment. Interact respectfully with teachers and peers.
  • Respect for the College – Be proud of the College and show consideration for the property of others and of the College

To ensure our students strive for excellence, respect is critical and we have been working with our students to be their best. This includes their faith, academic pursuits, behaviour and their social interactions. We appreciate you supporting the College in upholding these expectations.


In Term 4, Mr Peter Hunt (Year 5 Red) will be taking Long Service Leave and Deferred Leave in 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter for all he does here at Newman College and we look forward to his return in 2020. I am pleased to inform you that Ms Davina Sankhar will be teaching Year 5 Red and we welcome her to our College community.

Fathers Day

A big vote of thanks to all of our Newman Dads, Grandads and those who are like fathers to us. You are wonderful role models for your children and your commitment to our College is much appreciated. We hope you enjoyed the Marian and Lavalla Liturgies, class celebrations, free coffee from the coffee van and freshly baked muffins organised by our Primary Social Committee in your honour. Thank you to the Primary Social Committee for working so hard to support our community.

Year 1 Fathers Day Paralitugy

Pre Primary Fathers Day Breakfast

Kindy Fathers Day Celebrations

Family Scitech Night

Congratulations to our Primary Social Committee for their successful Family Scitech Evening on Friday 31 August. With a wonderful turnout of over 200 parents, children and grandparents attending all the feedback was very positive and a great night was had by all. We thank all the Newman College families for supporting this evening and again thank our Primary Social Committee for all their time and effort planning and organising such fun community events.

Ideas Lab – Year 2 Project

Last week the Year 2 classes enjoyed working on their integrated project “Paper Planes Pilot” in the IDEAS Lab. It was wonderful seeing the individualised project take place in the Lab which displayed again the different ways the Lab can be used to help further extend students understanding in the classroom. The excitement and learning that took place was amazing to see and no doubt the students shared this knowledge with their parents and siblings when they get home.

Staff Collaboration – Scope and Sequence

Last week the primary staff engaged in generating a writing scope and sequence. The meeting allowed staff to work together to increase collaboration and tap into various perspectives and ideas, but also to share responsibility for our students’ learning. The more people invested in a student’s education, the better the chance that student has to be successful.

Flexible Learning – Year 4

Year 4 have been involved in flexible learning in Mathematics this Term. This initiative takes place every Tuesday in the Multipurpose Room. The process of flexible learning is that it enables the teachers to cater for all learning abilities, improve student outcomes and foster our Vision for Learning.


Swimming Lessons Term 4

In-term swimming lessons will take place from Monday 19 November to Thursday 29 November. Parents must register their children online. Please note, registration is compulsory as swimming lessons are part of the school program. Registrations will be open from Monday 2 September to Saturday 22 September. It is essential that you register during this time so classes can be organised. Click here for more information and to register your child.


Upcoming Events

Family Life Parent Night

IPSHA Athletics Carnival

PK-Y2 Paraliturgy – Host Pre Primary

Years 3-6 Assembly – Item Year 4 Blue

Years 3-6 Prayer Assembly – Host Year 3 Blue

Marian Athletics Carnival

Past Events

The children at Newman College are continuously engaging in motivating learning experiences that support embedding and enhancing their education. Some highlights from the past two weeks are:

Years 3-6 Athletics Carnival

Year 6 STEM Display

Coder Dojo LEGO Challenge

Kindy STEM Challenge

Little Athletics Program for Schools

Pre Primary STEM Challenge