Year 11 General Mountain Bike Skills Day

On Friday 10 August, the 10 Outdoor Education General students put our skillls and knowledge to the test at The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park in Kalamunda. Once we unpacked the trailer and got the bikes ready to ride, Mr Pugh gave us a debrief of the course and what to look out for. We had a quick ride around the track just to warm up. We then attempted to perform the certain skills that you need for mountain biking which were part of our assessment.

After a couple of falls and cuts we all completed the basic skills. Now it was onto the next challenge; riding up and down the steepest hill in Perth. This hill was no ordinary hill, it was as steep as can be! After many attempts we all got to the top and had a lot of fun going back down again, thankfully we all survived.

Once we had finished all of our skill training we were allowed to go onto the jumps. It was great watching everyone trying to clear the jumps, and after a couple of tries everyone did it with ease. A couple of falls and cuts but we all made it.

It was a great day and we all had an awesome time and learnt heaps and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones.

Jeremy Spadek, Year 11 Student