2019 Artist in Residence Program

The Newman College Artist in Residence Program for 2019 promises to be another exciting and truly authentic arts experience as our students, teacher, parents and members of our Newman community collaborate with industry professionals to strengthen and deepen their understanding of Arts skills and processes and build their cultural competency, cultural literacy and sensitivity around Aboriginal people; culture oral storytelling traditions, and connection to country.

Student Workshops

The students in Year 2 (Marian Campus), Years 5 and 6 Art Extension students (Lavalla Campus) and Visual Arts students in Years 9,10,11 and 12 (Marcellin Campus) will work alongside Andy Quilty (2018 Artist in Residence), and Contemporary Noongar Artists Bradley and Rohin Kickett, to depict through a collaborative mural project the creation story The Carers of Everything written by Dr Noel Nannup. This story, which was also the focus of the Lavalla Campus 2019 PALS Project and Wakakirri competition, tells the creation story of Whadjuk country, the country on which our College rests. Students will use experimental art techniques including monoprint, in combination with acrylic painting techniques, to develop an understanding of contemporary art techniques, processes and further develop their broader understanding and sensitivity around Aboriginal culture and the connection to country.

Student workshops will take place in the Visual Art studio spaces on Friday 30 August and Monday 9 September (Marcellin Campus) and Monday 2 September (Marian Campus).

This mural will be resolved by Andy Quilty, Rohin and Bradley Kickett and presented to the College community at the opening of the Student Art Exhibition on Wednesday 16 October. More details about the Artist in Residence Program, and student, teacher and Community Workshop experiences will be shared on this evening by our Artists in Residence. A short film that will document the process will also be played.

Community Workshop

An opportunity for our staff, students and families to come together and work with Andy is also available. The Community Workshop will focus on experimental drawing and monoprint, equipping participants to build confidence as well as technical ability to take a more intuitive and exploratory approach to their work.

All materials provided. No drawing experience necessary.

The event is taking place on Monday 9 September at 6.30pm. Tickets cost $20 for Adults and $15  for Children / Concession. Click here to purchase tickets.

Any queries regarding the program can be directed to Mrs Maree Grayden, Leader of Learning Arts PK-12 maree.grayden@newman.wa.edu.au