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The College has a Newman Parent Consultative Committee (NPCC) and an additional group called Newman Parents.

Parent Association Hierarchy 2020

Council Members

Dr Lucie McCrory (Acting Principal Term 1)

Mr Stephen Lee (Chair)

Mr Greg Wheeler (Deputy Chair)

Br Terry Orrell

Ms Nerreda Hillier

Mr Joseph Burke Ms Kim Boekeman

Newman Parent Consultative Committee

Newman Parent Consultative Committee (NPCC) consults every year when the College formulates the Annual School Improvement Plan. The opinion of this groups is also sought when the College is in the process of developing the Strategic Plan. Through regular NPCC meetings convened by the Principal, and attended by various members of the College Leadership, the NPCC, as a representative group, has a voice and forum to discuss issues. These views are considered by the Senior Leadership Team, and serve as another means to help advance the best interests of those within the College Community. Whilst policy is determined and set at Senior Leadership and Council levels, the NPCC is a critically important group in providing input.

The NPCC is primarily accountable to the broader parent community as their nominated representatives. The President, Vice President and Secretary have accountabilities to both the broader parent community and the NPCC. The NPCC works in partnership with the College’s Senior Leadership Team in the coordination and support of major events and initiatives.

Newman Parents

Newman Parents is a forum for partnership, communication and information between the school and home at adult only events. This forum recognises that parents are not merely observers of the educative process in which their children are engaged but are active participants in collaboration with the College. The content of the evenings includes communication of key College initiatives and topics that are relevant to the learning and development of students at the College. The Newman Parent Consultative Committee will collaborate with the College to determine what areas of engagement can be addressed in this forum.

The College will host special guest speakers from outside the school. These guest speakers will be professionals who will share their expertise on a range of educational topics with our parent community. On occasions, these evenings will have an opportunity for a Q & A style forum where participation from the audience will be facilitated. These evenings are held once per term.