From the Principal – Term 1 Week 4


We have begun the season of Lent marked with Ash Wednesday as its beginning on February 14. It is a time for more simple living and reconciliation with God and others. Lent can be viewed as a time of clearance in our lives in order to make room for the resurrection of Jesus. Br Peter Carroll FMS, Provincial of the Star of the Sea Provence recently wrote this about Lent: 

The annual season of Lent is personally meaningful to the extent we make a personal commitment to it. To come closer to Christ is the reason for the season. Traditionally, the Church suggests three ‘disciplines’ that can help achieve this: prayer, fasting and almsgiving. It’s really a sensible recipe, focussing on God, self and others. ‘Giving up’ was once the focus, but these three practices suggest a broadening of our response to: giving more time to God in prayer, giving ourselves less attention (food, drink etc) and giving to others in need. 
In his 2024 Lenten Message, Pope Francis invites us and all the faithful to “pause” for prayer and to assist our sisters and brothers in need, in order to change our own lives and the lives of our communities.  

You can read the Pope’s message here.

Year 2G Assembly 

This morning, Year 2G led our Marian community in Assembly and they were great hosts and presenters. Their message is a wonderful one to share with you – The Keys of Friendship. In establishing and growing friendship, our wise Year 2 students spoke of cooperation, consideration, courtesy, responsibility, helpfulness, forgiveness and love as the keys to friendship.  What a wonderful message, well done Year 2G! 

PP to Year 6 Parent Carousel Evening  

Thank you to students and parents for attending the Carousel evening. Information Evenings are important occasions for parents and students to attend.  The Carousel served as an opportunity to introduce classroom teachers and leaders and for students to attend various information sessions.  The feedback for this evening was well received. These sessions set the tone for a productive year. 

Parent Welcome Sundowner  

I would like to extend my appreciation to those parents who joined us last Friday for the Parent Welcome Sundowner. It was a tremendous success, with live music and refreshments. The highlight of the evening was the networking between families and teachers who formed connections. I felt a strong sense of community spirit within the group. 

Year 7 to 12 Guild Swimming Carnival  

The annual Guild Swimming Carnival is an eagerly anticipated event that brings together students from Years 7 to 12 for a day of spirited competition, camaraderie, and fun in the water. It is a day when the school community comes alive with excitement as students showcase their swimming, team spirit, and sportsmanship. 

Many thanks to all the staff and parents who attended to support the students. A special thanks to the Health and Physical Education, Guild, PCG and Leader of Wellbeing staff, they did a magnificent role in organising the day.  

School Curriculum and Standards Authority Exhibition and Awards Ceremony  

On Thursday 15 February, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority held a ceremony in recognition of students who achieved General, Subject and VET Exhibition Awards. Amanda Barilla from the Class of 2023 was invited to receive recognition for Outdoor Education ATAR as the top performing student across the state in this subject We congratulate Amanda on this significant award. 


School Retreats offer an opportunity for students to step away from the routines of daily academic life and immerse themselves in a journey of faith, self-discovery, reflection, and personal growth. These Retreats serve as a space for students to explore their values, beliefs, and aspirations in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Thank you to all the staff who attended and assisted with the Retreats in Year 12, Year 7 and Year 8 this week. They would have engaged and provided students a rewarding experience.  

In Memory  

This afternoon Community members gathered to remember Mr Duncan Pugh, a significant staff member of 17 years.  The first anniversary of Duncan’s passing occurred recently.  The Memorial was a simple and dignified occasion with reflection and prayers shared with Duncan’s family in the Chapel and alongside the Memorial Garden. 

Fr Wayne Davis

Sadly, Fr Wayne Davis passed away recently. Fr Wayne was the much loved Parish Priest at Floreat Wembley and was influential in the spiritual formation of hundreds of children attending Newman College while he was in residence at St Cecilias, Floreat

Wishing our families every blessing for the weeks ahead. 

Kind regards 

Andrew Watson