Newman News Term 1 Week 4: From the Leader of Early Childhood

It is widely acknowledged that parents are the first and most influential educators of children. To maximise the educational outcomes of all students, we strive to foster positive partnerships with families in our journey of educating the whole child. This week’s Parent Information Evening was a fantastic opportunity to come together as a College community and partner in our knowledge, as we animate the educational pathways for your child. Thank you to the many parents who took time out of their busy day, and amid the torrential weather, to hear about our commitments to your child’s learning and to become partners in their success.

Newman Parents – A Night with Dr Justin Coulson
Newman Parents

The College is welcoming back Dr Justin Coulson one of Australia’s most respected and popular Positive Psychology & relationships speaker, facilitator, author, and researcher (particularly in family life). The topic he will be presenting is:

Inside the Mind; Raising an emotionally intelligent Child
In this session, Dr Coulson will share his expertise and equip parents to become more emotionally intelligent when it comes to their child.

Sometimes we just don’t relate to our children. It’s like they came from another parent. Did we really conceive, birth, and raise this child? It can be so hard to understand our children.

Inside the mind – Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child is a presentation for parents to get to the heart of parenting. Or, more specifically, it’s to help parents get to their children’s hearts.

How do we really understand our child? What is really happening inside their mind?

This powerful presentation will change the way you communicate with your child.

See a short intro video by Dr Coulson with more information about the session The presentation will be followed by a Question and Answer session.

When: Wednesday 18 March, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Where: Newman College Auditorium, 216 Empire Avenue Churchlands

This FREE session is for parents only. We hope that parents will use the information they learn to better educate themselves.

Marcellin Award

Congratulations to the following student who received a Marcellin Award in Week 3:

  • Braxton Taylor, Year 2 Green: For helping a small child who was lost to find their parents; ensuring they were safe and comforted. Demonstrating the Marist characteristics; In The Way of Mary and Family Spirit.

The Marcellin Award at Marian Campus is drawn from submitted nominations each Wednesday morning at Prayer Assembly.
Marcellin Award

Signing in / out at Marian Campus

Parents are reminded that they must sign-in and out, when entering the campus outside of regular drop-off and pick-up times. This enables us to maximise the safety of our students.

If students arrive late or need to be collected early, parents will also need to utilise the sign-out register to record student movements. We appreciate your assistance in these matters.

Primary Welcome Picnic

A big thank you must go to the parents and families who attended the Primary Welcome Picnic last Friday evening. Many parents commented that it was a wonderful occasion and it was terrific to see so many new families being made to feel welcome. I would especially like to thank the Primary Social Committee (in particular Rebecca D’Agostino and Tracey Glyde) for coordinating the event. Many of these parents give up hours of their time to provide not just for their own children, but for all children in our community. They truly are making a wonderful difference to the lives of our students and families.
Primary Welcome Picnic Primary Welcome Picnic Primary Welcome Picnic Primary Welcome Picnic

Parent Representatives

It is with much gratitude that we acknowledge our Parent Representatives for 2020. The Parent Representatives are a fine example of what it means to be a servant leader, taking on a role that is not just for the benefit of their children, but for every child here at the Marian Campus. If you are able to offer any assistance to this wonderful group of people, please contact Jan Robertson who will be able to get you in contact with the relevant Parent Representative. I am sure they will appreciate it.

  • Pre-Kindy Blue and Yellow: Alice Jones
  • Kindy Red: Georgia Vernon
  • Kindy Green: Kylie Mawson and Catherine Alleaume
  • Kindy Blue: Lisa Cameron
  • Pre Primary Red: Tracey McBain
  • Pre Primary Green: Christina Folley and Hannah Whalley
  • Pre Primary Blue: Stephanie D’Alessandro
  • Year 1 Red: Joy Gondariya
  • Year 1 Green: Katherine Taylor
  • Year 1 Blue: Alana Perchard and Alison Rear
  • Year 2 Red: Karen Haarhoff and Ann-Marie Chapman
  • Year 2 Green: Jo Tarbotton and Ang McGrath
  • Year 2 Blue: Caterina Celisano

Outdoor Play Environments

As early childhood educators, we acknowledge the very important role that outdoor play and the outdoor environment plays in early childhood skill development. The outdoor play space is the perfect vehicle for children to learn to balance, climb, jump, run, share, create and experiment. All of these attributes play an important role in the development of the whole child, many of which are vital to successful literacy and numeracy learning in the classroom.

We are constantly examining options to further develop and extend students’ experiences in the outdoor play space, ensuring sporting equipment is rotated throughout the year and new additions are made to the free parts within our nature play spaces. We have recently purchased some new sandpit equipment for our Year 1 and 2 students which has been excitedly received and has fostered lots of great conversations about the sandpit structures they have created.
Early Childhood Early Childhood Early Childhood