Newman News Term 1 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal Secondary

The Year 12 Ball

The Year 12 Ball is always a highlight on the College Calendar and this year was no exception. Our Year 12 students arrived at Frasers looking fabulous!  Students and staff enjoyed a night of fun, good food and dancing. 

Years 10-12 Parent Teacher Interviews 

On Thursday 23 March, our teachers on Marcellin Campus set aside time to meet with the parents/guardians of our Year 10-12 students: half of these were conducted face-to-face in the Marist Auditorium and half of these were conducted online via Teams. The conversations in the Marist Auditorium were informative and animated with many students attending with their parents/guardians as we continue to prioritise a partnership between staff and parents in support of our students. Our Years 7-9 parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet with their classroom teachers in Term Two on Thursday 27 April.  Details will be forwarded nearer the time. 

Years 9-10 Vaping Presentation 

As part of our Wellbeing Program, last Wednesday 15 March, guest speaker Azelene Williams spoke with our Year 9 and Year 10 students about vaping; she spoke to our students about the effects of vaping on a person’s health, the legalities surrounding vaping and the real risks associated with engaging in this practice. Azelene was able to speak from personal experience, and shared the impact that this has had on her life inclusive of her diagnosis of Stage 1 Emphysema. She took the time to challenge some of the myths associated with vaping. Azelene will return to our College via Zoom in Term Two to speak with our Year 7 and Year 8 students. 

International Women’s Day Speed Mentoring 

On the 8th of March, myself, Ariyana Gaudoin and Evie Liddell were privileged enough to take part in a speed mentoring event at Albert Facey House. The experience was extremely beneficial for all of us, and we each gained knowledge about how to approach our careers both mentally and intellectually. Each of us spent 10 minutes with inspirational women mentors from different career backgrounds surrounding media, politics, STEM, public sector and the arts. They each provided us with advice which would benefit us when entering the job field after school and how best to approach this when the time came. The whole experience was incredibly valuable, and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to take part in the program.  – Bethany Avins Year 12 Catherine  

I felt incredibly honoured to be asked to participate in a mentoring program organised by the Equal Opportunities commission on International Women’s Day, 2023. Becoming the leading women of our generation, it was an honour to be among such accomplished women in the fields of politics, business, and marketing to gain perspective on what a future in that profession might look like. We were given 10 minutes to engage with intelligent women including Alannah MacTiernan, Bianca Sandri, and Lacey Filipich in a speed mentoring style. The opportunity to do so with integrity, empowerment, and leadership gave us the chance to enquire and receive knowledge about the workplace we will soon enter after high school. I feel incredibly privileged to have been a part of such an incredible event, which I hope will go on for years to come and inspire the outstanding young women of our generation. Thank you again Miss B for this outstanding opportunity, it has been a highlight of my year thus far. – Ariyana Gaudoin 12 Marcellin 

Wellbeing Program 

Our Secondary Wellbeing Program is well underway on our Marcellin Campus. Please find below a link to our Wellbeing Program for Years 7-12 and our Scope and Sequence document which highlights the times at which we focus on aspects of the Keeping Safe: Protective Behaviours Curriculum. Please be aware that the Wellbeing Program is subject to change if issues arise. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant Leader of Wellbeing.  
2023 Secondary Wellbeing Program.pdf 

World Health Day Friday 7 April

Friday 7 April is World Health Day. This day is celebrated annually and this year, the World Health Organisation is recognising the importance of Health For All. During Week 10, students and staff will take part in activities and conversations to raise awareness and support students in the different aspects of their health: these aspects being mental, physical, spiritual and social health. More information will be posted on Teams in Week 9. 

Student Parking off campus 

Ample parking for our Year 12 students is provided near the Lavalla Campus which is accessible from Empire Avenue. To use this carpark, students need to speak with Miss Gemma Beekink about obtaining a parking permit.  

When our Newman College students choose to drive to school, we expect that they utilise the carpark provided for them near Lavalla Campus. If this Lavalla carpark is full and students then choose to park in surrounding streets, students are advised to pay close attention to parking restrictions and signs. We also ask that students are mindful of the impact that parking in surrounding streets can have on residents; please refrain from parking on both sides of the road as to allow residents to still use the road safely and have access during the day. The Council have been notified of concerns about parking and signage that denotes parking restrictions is expected to be implemented in the very near future.  

Principal’s Assembly – Wednesday 5 April 

This Principal’s Assembly will be an opportunity for us to highlight two of our pillars as part of our Vision for Learning: Celebrate and Challenge. We will have the opportunity to celebrate the success of our ACC Swimming Team and reflect on the challenges that we have been presented with in Term One of which we have met with perseverance and resilience. 

Maths Support Y7-12 Students 

Students requiring Maths support are encouraged to seek help through their classroom teacher during class time, recess, or lunch.  Additional support is available by attending the following support sessions that run every week on a Tuesday and Wednesday.   

All Y7 – 12 StudentsTues 8.00amS13Bern Willet, Rick Bartlett Ramesh Naidu 
All Y7 – 12 StudentsWed 8.00amS12Nanette Hollis, Paul Schrader, Shirley Muller, 

Students wishing to attend the maths support sessions will need to: 

  1. Bring work that they need assistance with  
  1. EMAIL one of the support teachers listed to inform them of their intention to attend. (This should be done 12 hrs prior to the session they are attending) 

Free STEM Careers Event

The Innovators’ Tea Party is running a FREE careers event for Year 7-9 students and their parents/teachers, showcasing the incredible diversity of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers in WA. And your students are invited!

It’s called Inspire in 5, and involves short 5-minute presentations from Women in STEM Mentors, who will inspire students with their journeys to become successful STEM professionals.

Event details:

Where: Engineers Australia Beeliar Auditorium (Perth CBD) Allendale Square, Level 10/77 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

When: Wednesday 29th March, 6-7.45pm (doors open 5.45pm)

Tickets: FREE (reservations are essential, and all students must be accompanied by an adult).

Year 10 HaSS (Geography) excursion to the WA Museum Boola Bardip and Trigg Beach

On Wednesday 1st March, students in the year 10 extension Geography course attended a facilitated workshop at the museum. The purpose of the excursion was to learn more about the way in which Aboriginal peoples over time, developed complex systems of understanding and listening to Country to inform the processes of securing food sources and shelter, and caring for lands in the long term. The second part of the day centred on fieldwork at Trigg beach with an emphasis on looking at the human activities that impact this area and how these activities are monitored & managed to ensure the sustainability of this environment for the future. Despite the very warm conditions on the day, students were very productive and should be commended on their impeccable presentation and participation.

Year 10 Fremantle Prison and Anzac Museum Excursion

On the 1st of March, 2023 Ms Lloyds, Mrs Lanes, Ms Clark, Ms DeGennaro and Ms Gangemi’s Year 10 classes went by bus to go and see the Anzac Museum and the Fremantle Prison. First up was the Army Museum where we got to see the types of guns that were used in the Battle of Kokoda as well as the different types of medals given to soldiers. After we finished looking at all the different artefacts and paintings at the Anzac Museum, we headed to the Fremantle prison.

The Fremantle Prison tour guide gave all of us a tour around the prison. The guide showed us how small the cells that the prisoners stayed in were and how terrible the living conditions were for the prisoners. We were then directed outside to the courtyard which the led to the area where the prisoners were punished if they failed to follow the rules. This place where the prisoners got punished had a room where the prisoners were locked up in a pitch-black room for a certain amount of time depending on the severity of what they did.

The day was an exciting adventure and the information gained will be helpful in our History assessment, coming up.

Theo Sanchez

HaSS incursion – World War I artefact display.

In anticipation of ANZAC day, students have been learning about the experiences of Australians in World War One and understanding what it was like to fight in the trenches on the Western Front. They are currently furthering their knowledge of Australia’s experiences of war by creating a Museum Display of their own, featuring a home-made artifact which links to a specific Australian battle of their choice. Students were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to view some artifacts from World War One with a Museum Box.