Newman News Term 2 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal Primary

Cross Country Carnival – Y3-6 Results 

Congratulations to all of the students that participated in the cross country carnival, which was held on Friday 19 May. It was a fantastic day witnessing students challenging themselves around the course and celebrating each other’s efforts and wonderful achievements. 


I would like to congratulate the top three students of each year group. 

​​ Year 6​​ ​Year 6​ 
1st​​ Stefan Moschopoulos​​ Allegra Clark​​ 
2nd​​ Austin Cumberworth​​ Jessica Avins​​ 
3rd​​ Gatano Capolingua​​ Layla Bornmann​​ 
​​ Year 5​ ​Year 5 
1st​​ David Van der Walt​​ Amelie Santoro​​ 
2nd​​ Finan Smith​​ Mia Dorrington​​ 
3rd​​ Julian Cameron​​ Olive Mollet​​ 
​​ Year 4​​ Year 4​ 
1st​​ Jack Truscott​​ Lila Adamini​​ 
2nd​​ Sam Baily Amelia Heath​​ 
3rd​​ Asher Ebert​​ Annabel Gilbert​​ 
​ Year 3​​ Year 3​ 
1st​​ Nikhil Nair​​ Sicily Moschopoulos​​ 
2nd​​ Harvey Anderson​​ Clara Schlitter​​ 
3rd​​ Izei Goldaracena Zubiri​​ Nina Gordon​​ 
1st​  Delany​  323​  
2nd​  Knox​  297​  
3rd​  Brigid​  241​  
4th​  Marcellin​  239​  

Congratulations to Delany for being awarded the champion cross country faction. Well done to Isla Kalebic and Stefan Moschopoulos our Delany sports captains. 

Microsoft Reflect 

Many of our teachers and students from Year 2 – 6 have been using Microsoft Reflect as part of their Mindful Mornings. Microsoft Reflect is a powerful tool that allows our students to ‘check-in’ and engage in self-reflection while also providing valuable insights for both students and teachers. This digital platform enables students to express their emotions in real-time, fostering a deeper understanding of their own learning journey. 

Thoughtful reflection plays a crucial role in the growth and development of our students. By encouraging them to pause, ponder, and evaluate their thoughts and actions, we empower them to become active participants in their own education.  

The importance of reflection goes hand in hand with our ongoing mindful practices and The Zones of Regulation Program that is being run across the entire Primary school. By incorporating Microsoft Reflect into our Mindful Mornings, we provide our students with a holistic approach to self-awareness and emotional regulation. The ability to reflect on their thoughts and emotions helps students better understand themselves, their strengths, and areas where they can grow. It also enables our teachers to gain valuable insights into how our students are feeling, helping them tailor their support and instruction accordingly. 

We believe that by fostering a culture of reflection, we equip our students with essential life skills that go beyond the classroom. The ability to self-reflect promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and empathy, all of which are vital in today’s ever-changing world.