Newman News Term 3 Week 2: From the Deputy Principal Mission and Catholic Identity

Bridges inspire, instill confidence, tell us: “Come, cross me. See what’s over here.” – Leo Donovan SJ, ‘Why God calls us to build bridges’, America Magazine, July 31, 2019.

In an age characterised by all but a desperate need for solidarity, when the religious and secular bonds of community have become badly frayed, bridges real and metaphorical have become more important than ever. Pope Francis has repeatedly urged audiences around the world to engage in bridge-building (something he thinks is almost “more than human”). Newman College seeks to celebrate the questions and realities of our Catholic faith in a pluralistic and diverse context. We invite each family, student and member of staff on a journey that celebrates what it means to be ‘good news’ to each other as we seek to grow our community as a living and vibrant expression of the Gospel. Our Ministry Plan, Immersion opportunities, Youth Ministry and Advocacy opportunities, and our celebration of the sacraments seek to build living bridges which unite, foster connectedness, and create spaces where our faith is lived.

PK-12 Celebrations for the Feast of the Assumption – Thursday 15 August

As a Catholic school educating in the Marist tradition, our PK-12 community will be celebrating the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Thursday 15 August. Please download the PK-12 letter to all families outlining the events of this day for all students.

Download 2019 Feast of Assumption Letter to Parents

Year 11 Marist Association Philippines Immersion – (Friday 22 November – Thursday 5 December 2019)

Philippines Immersion

Above: 2018 Philippines Immersion students Elizabeth Adams (2019 Social Justice Captain) & Matthew Giumelli (2019 College Captain) presenting their reflections of the 2018 Philippines Immersion at the Parent Information Evening.

The Marist Association Year 11 Philippines Immersion is a joint commitment between the Western Australian Marist schools St Joseph’s Northam and Newman College which is now into its fourth year. Following a period of application and interview, Mrs Carla Pastorelli (Leader of Wellbeing – Year 11) and Mr Tom Williams (Assistant Head of Sport) from Newman College will accompany the group with Mr Daniel Lynch in 2019.

In 2019, 20 students from Newman College applied for 16 places on the Immersion. Following both their application and a process of interview with Carla, Tom and myself, the following students will be attending the 2019 Philippines Immersion:

Jessica Ashwood, Samuel Beeton, Anastasia Berti, Kate Broderick, Grace Collins, Tegan Connelly, Charolotte Easden, Samuel Giumelli, Mitchell Harris, Meg Hobson, Damien Lockyer, Brodie Major, Jack Towie and Ruby Vance.

The students and staff from Newman College will be joined by the following members of the St Joseph’s Northam community:

Hannah Morrison (Year 11 student), Katie Harris (Year 11 student) and Mr Shane Bransby (Teacher)

The Philippines Parent and Student Information Evening was held on Thursday 25 July (Term 3 Week 1), with the program of formation and Immersion preparations taking place over Terms 3 and 4.

Australian Catholic Youth Festival & Veritas Night 2019

The Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) is a national gathering of Catholic young people established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC). It exists to provide young Australians with opportunities to deepen their relationship with Jesus, be empowered to be disciples in the world today and encounter and celebrate the vitality of the Church in Australia. This year the ACYF will be held in Perth between 8 – 10 December. Young people between the ages of 14 and 35 from around Australia will be invited to:

  • participate in high-quality formative and experiential opportunity for young Catholics to encounter Jesus Christ, in the context of the Catholic Church in Australia;
  • Listen to and discuss the issues and challenges in the lives of young Catholics in Australia;
  • Engage with local examples and connections of vocations, social action, liturgy and prayer, catholic music and faith formation.

Students in Year 9 from the College will be invited to apply to attend ACYF. This event will take the place of the Remar Embarkation camp this year.

In preparation for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, students considering applying for ACYF will attend the Veritas Night, held at John XXIII College in Mt Claremont on Friday 9 August 6.00pm – 9.30 pm. Veritas is an annual gathering of Catholic young people in Western Australia aged 12-35. It exists as a state-wide conference and festival, which aims to provide young people in Western Australia with an opportunity to deepen their faith and take an active role in the Church and community. The event includes festivities including live bands, dynamic speakers, youth rallies, faith expos, Liturgy and workshops.

REMAR Gold Retreat

Today the Remar Gold Caravel gathered together for their final retreat of their 3-year Remar journey. The retreat is facilitated by Dan Litjens (Class of 2016) with support from Gold Helm, Mr Michael Van der Heever, Campus Minister, Br Terry Orrell, ex-students Josh Sampson (Class of 2018) and Sarah Whitton (Class of 2018), as well as Mrs Cole-Carter. The afternoon provides an opportunity to reflect on the previous years of the program with a specific focus on applying the on motto of the Gold crossing, ‘To be a witness in our community’.

ACRATH Bollywood Night

Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking of Humans (ACRATH) is hosting ‘Bollywood Night’ to help raise awareness of slavery and slavery like condition. Book your tickets NOW by clicking here.

Download Bollywood Nights Flyer ACRATH 2019

Weekly Thursday Morning Community Mass (Champagnat Chapel – 8.10am – 8.35am)

All parents, guardians and families across our PK-12 College are invited to attend the weekly Thursday morning Mass. Our weekly Newman College Community Mass is an important way that we as a Catholic community seek to nourish and live-out our faith in community with one another.