Newman News Term 3 Week 6: From the Leader of Mission and Catholic Identity

Living Marist: Good Christians and Good Citizens Service Learning Program 

Newman College has launched its Christian Service Learning Program, Living Marist, with Year 7 and 8 students. The purpose is to engage students in service activities that challenge them to reflect, discern and act in the community. Students have participated in a range of activities across, recently supporting Lavalla and Marian students. Congratulations to our students and keep up the good work. There actions espouse the Marist values of Family Spirit and Love of Work.

Thursday morning Community Mass 

Every Thursday our PK-12 community are invited to attend Mass in the Champagnat Chapel, commencing at 8.10am. Mass is celebrated by our local clergy who support the College. Next week, Thursday 2 September, Marcellin Guild and Year 6 students will be hosting with Fr Ruben. We look forward to welcoming you to our weekly celebration.

Sacramental Preparation 

Across our Parish’s sacramental preparation programs are taking place. Our Lady of Grace is offering Family Faith Formation on Tuesday 31 August.  Fr. Greg Donovan will lead us in this session beginning at 7.00pm in the MPA at the school.  Please arrive 5 mins early to register your attendance. I encourage you to check your parish website to find out about sacramental preparation programs for your child.


Our Gamechangers students across Years 7 –12 continue to gather, learn about community, and gain a sense of who God is calling us to be. In an obvious way, our students in Year 11 Gamechangers have travelled to the regional community of Mullewa. This was an opportunity to learn about solidarity and serve in an authentic way. Read some of the student reflections below. Thank you to Br Paul, Paul Cranley and Hannah Parker who gave up time from their families to offer this experience for our students.

14 year 11 students embarked on an immersive journey to the country town of Mullewa, an out of the way town with not many people. Despite being such an exclusive community, our group was welcomed with open arms and hearts. We were given the opportunities to spend time with the children of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the local primary school as well as a variety of others through our time at the Youth Recreational Centre and the Agricultural Show.

On Tuesday, we first met with the OLMC students, a group of only 60 students from Pre-K to 6, who quickly grew in friendship with everyone from Newman. We spent the morning learning about the history of the town at the local cemetery, while simultaneously cleaning the graves, followed by a Newman led mass. After the mass, we ventured to the local district high school and planted trees with the younger students, before returning to the school grounds to help run a practice for the school’s sport carnival. Afterwards, we joined some of the kids from the district high school at the youth recreational centre for games of basketball and chasey, particular favourites of the students.

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day in the town hall, helping the various members of the Agricultural society prepare for the wildflower show. While we were helping, we managed to find a banner made by the Newman REMAR group back in 2005. Halfway through the day, we gave ourselves the time to spend lunch with the OLMC students. We then returned to the town hall for the wildflower set up. After we were finished helping, we then made another trip to the youth centre, this being the last time we would be able to.

On Thursday, we spent the day helping the members of the community in setting up the displays for the agricultural festival, a Royal Show equivalent for the people of Mullewa. Yet again, we went to have lunch with the OLMC kids, everybody was excited for the disco that night, but before the disco, the Newman students had to continue their help with the agricultural festival. After we were finished helping, we had a bit of a break, then we set out to set up the much-anticipated disco. Newman students had set up balloons, streamers and other decorations for the OLMC students. We all had fun at the disco, with a soundtrack full of good songs and some pretty cool dance moves. At the conclusion of the disco, we had some heartfelt goodbyes with the OLMC students, and after some clean up, the Newman students made their way back to the rec centre, excited to have their last sleep before returning home.

What really stood out to all of us through all this was hearing the impact Newman has on the community. Everywhere we went we heard of everyone’s past experiences with the college from previous visits, we even met Holly, who said she remembered the Newman visit to Mullewa she experienced back when she was in Kindy. In reflection, we are so grateful for Fr Rob, Holly and all of the students from both OLMC and the district high school, as well as the greater Mullewa community for being so welcoming to us all, we hope we have made as much of a memorable impact in your lives as you all have in ours. Mrs Parker, Br Paul, Liam, Mr Cranley, Mr Martino, thank you for organizing this event for us.  We all enjoyed this incredible experience and the chance to move forwards in our Marist journey.

Leila Arnold and Josh Lee 
Year 11 Students 

Perth Launch of the 2021/22 ACBC Social Justice Statement.

Newman College hosted the Justice, Ecology & Development Office (JEDO) within the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia to launch the Social Justice Statement for 2021/22 “Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor”.  We welcomed Bishop Don Sproxton who shared with those gathered what this statement means in the lives of our community. As we reflect on this statement, a reminder for all of us is the importance of listening with a spirit of understanding, responding with a heart of compassion and love that starts with Christ at the center of our own lives and permeates through those we encounter.

Click here to read the full statement from the Bishops.