From the Vice Principal – Term 2 Week 4

Year 9 Retreat

The Year 9 Retreat will take place on the 16 May; it follows our Vision for Mission: to form “Good Christians and Good Citizens”, offering students an opportunity away from normal school routines to pause and reflect on their relationship with others, themselves and God.

Year 12 Semester 1 Examinations

The Year 12 Semester 1 examinations commence on 20 May and will conclude on 31 May.  It is a period filled with anticipation, nerves, and a hint of excitement as students gear up to showcase their knowledge and skills acquired over the years. For Year 12 students, these exams represent, not just a culmination of their high school experience, but also a gateway to their future endeavours. The Year 12 examinations are more than just a test of academic prowess; they symbolise students’ growth and development throughout their schooling. From the first day of high school to this momentous juncture, they have absorbed knowledge, honed critical thinking abilities, and cultivated resilience in the face of challenges.

As we embark on this exam season, let us also take a moment to celebrate the achievements and successes of our Year 12 cohort. Each student’s journey is unique, and their efforts deserve recognition and applause, irrespective of the numerical outcomes. Let’s commend their dedication, hard work, and determination in reaching this significant milestone.

To all Year 12 students embarking on this pivotal phase, know that you are capable, resilient, and equipped to tackle whatever challenges come your way. Wishing you all the success and fulfilment as you navigate this chapter of your academic journey.

Newman Parent Forum

The Newman Parent Forum (NPF) occurs once a term and is open to all parents. It is a parent community gathering which is led by the Principal and Vice Principal, in collaboration with a nominated Newman Parent K12 Executive Committee.

The next meeting will take place on the 20 May, in the John Henry Newman Learning Centre from 6:00pm. This term’s meeting is an opportunity to share input and feedback and serves to help advance the best interests of those within our College Community. All parents across the community are welcome to attend this event. We look forward to welcoming you next week.

Parking – University Avenue

We understand that picking up or dropping off students can sometimes be hectic, but it is essential for everyone’s safety and convenience that vehicles are parked in designated bays. This helps maintain traffic flow, ensures emergency access, and prevents unnecessary congestion.

Policy of the Week – Harassment: Student and Student

It is important that students are aware that harassment generally involves unwelcome behaviour that intimidates, offends, or humiliates a student because of a particular personal characteristic. Here at Newman College, we assist our students to navigate adolescence and set expectations outlined in the Newman Norms, where students are asked to embed the Marist characteristics, act with integrity and show respect for the privacy, dignity and rights of others, to be polite in words and actions.  For further information on the Harassment policy please click here.

Child Safeguarding

Our Child Safeguarding Policy, which includes our Statement of Commitment to Child Safety and Wellbeing, was written to demonstrate the strong commitment of the College to child safety, and to provide an outline of the policies and practices that we have developed to keep our students safe, including from abuse or other harm. The College’s Child Safeguarding Policy applies to all adults in the College community, including Staff, Volunteers, Contractors, External Education Providers, parents/carers and other family members. This Policy applies in all College environments, both physical and online, and on-site and off-site College grounds (e.g. camps and excursions). Please familiarise yourself with the links below.

Child Safeguarding Policy

Marist Child Safe Adult Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Parents and Adults

Beth Murphy

Acting Vice Principal