Ministry Update – Term 1 Week 2

The Marist theme for 2024 is First Light: Reveal the Spirit. The message of this theme is simple – that the world is a place where we can discover God. God is revealed to us in special and unique ways – at times this can be in dramatic bursts of light like a sunset over City Beach that stops us in our tracks as we admire its beauty, while other times it can be seen in smaller, more subtle ways, like a helping hand from a stranger, or an unexpected word of kindness. 

The theme also reminds us that the light of the Holy Spirit dwells within us all. Our great hope is that the young people in our community recognise this light within them, understanding that just as our lives can be transformed by God’s spirit, so too we have the power to transform others. By being aware of the goodness that lives within us, it helps us to recognise the goodness that exists in others. Eckhart Tolle once wrote: 

“You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness already within you, and allowing that goodness to emerge.” 

We hear this notion of a shining light in our Newman College Vision for Learning ‘Let your light shine’ which encourages us to live in such a way that our actions and behaviour become evident to others. The ‘light’ that each of us has, represents the positive influence of each of us. By doing good deeds and living a good and positive life, we all have the power to be a positive force in the world, reflecting God’s goodness and bringing glory to God. 

The focus this year for those in our community is to live a life of integrity, of compassion, and of kindness so that we may positively impact those around us helping to give praise and honour to God. What can you do this year to let your light shine, and reveal the spirit that dwells within you?  

Mr Stuart McClorey

Director of Mission & Catholic Identity