Newman News Term 2 Week 4: From the Principal


At Newman College we shine through celebration of our faith, achievements, contributions and efforts. Celebration builds strong communities and plays a major role in socialisation, learning and faith development. It encourages a sense of belonging, coherence and purpose. Coming back to school has seen the power of relationship and coming together.

This has been exemplified by attendance over the last two weeks at approximately 95%.

There has been much joy, energy and goodwill amongst all our students. This week we celebrated our Marian and Lavalla Campus assemblies which are now live streamed in the classrooms and for parents to view at home. In many ways it has re-set how we engage as a school but it has not changed how we celebrate. The value of recognising and affirming our students is a powerful tool to enable them to grow into the fullness of their humanity.

Dr Justin Coulson reminded all of us during the recent live stream of Newman Parents how being present to our children, actively listening to them and asking them, how can I help you, is critical to their development and wellbeing. Celebrating their achievements but also challenging their inhibitions and anxieties are an integral part of our relationships.

This week I sat down with our Year 12 leaders whose year has been compromised and disrupted by the COVID crisis. The rite of passage and the generational rituals of being in the leading cohort have changed. Navigating and accepting these changes has been challenging for the group. That being said, their attitude and positivity have allowed them to consider and reflect on new ways of engaging in the race to the finish line. Yes, it is different and yes, it is okay that it is different. In many ways, life presents to us changes that can be unexpected and not planned for. 2020 has certainly been that year of the unexpected. Yet, while we may not be able to plan for the unexpected events, we can be prepared.

Our College’s Vision for Learning – Shine through Discovery – has given us the foundation as a College Community to come together and become stronger as a result of the COVID crisis. The alignment of our PK-12 school through this Vision has enabled our teachers to individually and collectively build their capacity as was demonstrated through the development of our remote learning plan. In learning, it enabled students to recognise the value of formative assessment and that learning does not necessarily need a marked value to warrant its worth. Learning is about trial and error, asking questions, seeking feedback and strategies to overcome the challenges it presents. At the heart of this though is the relationships that are cultivated between teachers and students and in the collaboration and then celebration that is the result.

Congratulations again to our students for their transition back into face to face learning and we look forward to the future ahead.

Year 6 Leavers Shirt Presentation

It was a great privilege to honour our Year 6 cohort with the presentation of Year 6 Leavers shirts. Not dissimilar to Year 12, Year 6 is a legacy year for our students as they prepare to move into secondary school. We recognise their leadership on the Lavalla Campus and value their presence in our College.

Principal’s Assembly | RAP Launch / Reconciliation Week

Next week is Reconciliation Week across the country. Significantly, Newman College has developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) which has been the sum of 18 months collaboration with staff, students, Catholic Education WA Aboriginal Team, with the support of facilitator Christine Sindley of Waangara Marra Consulting.

We will be launching our RAP with special guests, our local Federal member, Celia Hammond, and a special video presentation from Hon Ken Wyatt, Minister for Indigenous Australians.