Newman News Term 3 Week 10: From the Principal

Dear Newman families

Student Leaders 2024 

Earlier this week we announced the Year 12 leaders for 2024. The process was difficult due to the high calibre of students who expressed their passion and willingness to lead and serve our school community. We received numerous outstanding applications and were inspired by the dedication and commitment shown by all of the students.  

In my meetings with the incoming leaders, I have outlined that one of their most important acts of leadership is to ensure they include and develop the leadership of students without a badge. I thank all students who nominated for positions and encourage those who were unsuccessful in formal positions to continue to lead with courage and passion.  

Congratulations to the following students: 

College Captains: Bianca Trimboli and Matthew Tomassone 
Academic Captains: Olivia Rubens and Jaydon Augustus 
Art Captains: Estelle Keller and Kristen King 
Mission Captains: Ava Terribile and Larni Cantelo 
Sports Captains: Imogen Boss and Sam Harby 
Wellbeing Captains: Jordan Clay and Ava Prentice 
Brigid Guild Captains:  Eva Infirri and Alexander Cardaci 
Camara Guild Captains: Mikayla Short and Alyssa Coumbe 
Catherine Guild Captains: Mikayla Della-Polina and Olivia Taylor 
Chisholm Guild Captains: Jack Stahl and Zoe Boss 
Marcellin Guild Captains: Brianna Colley and Amity Dale 
Mackillop Guild Captains: Pippa Simpson and Savannah Doyle  
Romero Guild Captains: Marcus Malaxos and Ariana Mason 
Thomas More Guild Captains: Keira Reynolds and Darcy Bird 

Principal’s Assembly 

This week, we celebrated the Class of 2023 at the Principal’s Assembly. The Graduation Mass and Dinner will take place early next term with families. This day and its rituals are greatly treasured by students and parents. The final week for Year 12 was an exciting one that provided opportunities at Guild, Year and College levels to express our care and best wishes for a fine group of young women and men. Thank you to the staff involved in the running of these events. In the Principal’s Address to the Assembly, I addressed this message at our Year 12s: 

“You are created and called. Let family spirit, presence, a love of work, simplicity and the way of Mary find a place in your heart, and I encourage you to draw on the Marist Way that keeps you considering always your important part in making a better world and invites you into a relationship with Jesus. Let these things help guide your journey as you follow your true North, and may you go into your adult lives knowing what you stand for and be prepared to represent it strongly. Each of you have different gifts and have followed different paths while at this College. Our sincere hope is that you have always felt that those diverse paths have been equally valuable and valued; that your worth and dignity are innate and inviolable; and that your school has been an extension of the care and hope held for you by your families.” 

Primary Build Update 

The landscape, and indeed the skyscape of the College is changing. These are clear signs of progress of our new Primary School facility. Inground services have been completed, with attention turning to the major structure for the Y3-Y6 building, which is beginning to reveal itself. The students are excited to see the scale of the building. It comes with the realisation that their new learning environment is not just a mere concept, but rather a rapidly approaching reality. 

The Newman College team, architects and builders continue to make positive progress. With dry weather forecast moving forward, we expect to see further exciting changes to the site in the coming months. I will continue to highlight these changes within the College Newsletter, as we acknowledge the great enthusiasm with which the College community has embraced this transformational project. 

ACC Athletics Carnival  

Congratulations to all the athletes who represented Newman College in the ACC Athletics Carnival. The participating students came 6th overall in the competition, an outstanding achievement.  

A heartfelt thanks to the dedicated staff members for their encouragement and support of the students.  

Additionally, I would like to acknowledge Jake Paynter for his outstanding achievement in Swimming.  Suzie Ehlers, the Executive Officer of ACC presented Jake with the “ACC LETTERS” award at the Principal’s Assembly this week. Jake’s dedication and determination serve as a shining example of what can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance. Congratulations to Jake on receiving this prestigious award.  

End of Term

I find Term 3 is a special term in the calendar year. It is a unique term full of so many opportunities where students are so engaged in our “Vision for Learning – Shine through Discovery”. In your participation in the events and opportunities Term 3 has offered, our students across the whole College have let their light shine in Challenge, Collaboration, Creation and Celebration as individuals and groups. It has been a joy to see them in small moments and large events, pursue their personal excellence.  

Please keep the Year 12s in your prayers as the students sit their final exams. 

I wish all students, families and staff a restful and safe break as this term comes to an end.