Newman News Term 3 Week 4: From the Vice Principal

Welcome to Wellbeing Week! Our whole of school focus during Week 4 has been on making visible to students and staff, the ways in which we can commit to and enjoy a life of ‘being well’. We hope that the students enjoy their four-day weekend and can extend this focus and apply the strategies and learning over that period. Our staff will be engaged in Professional Learning tomorrow, which is aptly centred on understanding Wellbeing. The College is closed on Monday. 


Don’t forget to get a group together to purchase tickets for our Senior School Musical FAME. It promises to be a magnificent performance.  

Newman Parents Forum

The next NPF meeting is being held on Monday 21 August at 6.00pm in the St John Henry Learning Hub on the Marcellin Campus.  We encourage all parents to attend, and we look forward to welcoming you. Our Head of Primary Mr Ryan von Bergheim will begin the evening with a getting to know him session. Then he will introduce our new Vision of Wellbeing with the Deputy Secondary, Mr Simon Martino, which was launched this week during Wellbeing Week. Our Leaders of Wellbeing in Primary Mrs Edwina Battersby and Mr Justin Kirry will present on the Zones of Regulation initiative for learning and emotional health.

Newman Parent Information Series Event

‘Screen Ages’ How to raise digitally resilient and rested young people 

Join zero2hero and Newman College for a parent seminar on cyber safety, psychology and sleep. Perfect for parents, guardians and carers, this seminar is open to everyone with children in any Primary or Secondary School looking to gain valuable insights from leading experts through a panel discussion and Q&A. 

Homework Club  

Year 7- 12 Homework Club is an effective space where students can come after school to study, complete homework and access a wide range of specialist teachers and tutors Monday – Thursday 3:155:00pm in the JHN Hub. Attendance has been excellent this year, and the majority of students have been respectful and considerate towards staff, their peers and the JHN space.  

A reminder to all students that they must sign into Homework Club and come with the materials needed to complete their homework and/or studies. Students are welcome to bring snacks to eat after school and have a small break prior to starting their homework.   

To help staff maintain a positive and effective workspace for all students during Homework Club, students are reminded that they are required to follow the Code of Conduct.  Those students who do not abide by these expectations will lose the privilege of attending Homework Club.   

Year 12 Parking

The College has a dedicated onsite parking area specifically for Year 12 students which we expect them to use.  It is important we consider and balance the needs of residents and commuters around our campus, in particular  Dolimite Road and Tuscany Way.  Please remind these students to use the Year 12 carpark instead of using public roads. 

Timor Leste – Teacher Lucy Lane’s Reflection of her recent visit to Timor   

During the July school holidays I joined a team of 6 Australian teachers travelling to Timor Leste to support the staff at the Catholic Institute for the Formation of Teachers (ICFP) in Baucau.  

This was a pilot programme to support staff with their English language skills and with teaching methods. It was an amazing experience to see the Timor Leste staff grew in confidence and ability during their daily lessons over the course of the 2 weeks. A selection of administration and teaching staff were supported with English speaking, listening, and writing skills. Their enthusiasm, commitment and welcoming nature was inspiring. Daily lessons have continued from Australia (via Zoom) to ensure that the new links the programme forged and the excellent progress with English continue. 

While in Baucau the Australian teachers also got the opportunity to visit other activities of the Marist Brothers in Timor Leste. Visiting the special education unit at Katalosa and witnessing the progress of the new Marist school being built at Lau Tem. The new school reflected the modern teaching approaches that are here at Newman College. 

This was a truly Marist experience for all involved. The international nature of the Marist family was clear through presence and love of work in action. The motto of the ICFP “A heart that knows no bounds” truly reflects the Marist work in Timor Leste. 

Performing Arts: 20 July – 11 September  

Term 3 will welcome the beginning of Catholic Performing Arts 2023, and we are delighted to have so many students involved in the instrumental and vocal sections as a soloist or ensemble member.  

Our magnificent tutors are in the process of sending out the detailed event and venue information for each section relevant to your child, this may be over email or a hardcopy.  In the interim, please use the link below to view the programme of events from July – September.  

Performing Arts Festival – Spirit of the Arts  

Program of Events  

Transport: Performances are located at various locations around Perth. Transport to these performance’s is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian, unless communicated otherwise. (Ensembles – Concert Band, Concert Wind, Scherzando, Vivace and Chamber Orchestra will have return transport arranged by the College.  Students will depart and return from here).  

Tickets: Try Booking ticket sales for the Performing Arts Festival, opens on Friday 7 July.   

Further details regarding the festival can be found here:    

Please email should you require further information.  

Parent Teacher Communication Protocols 

Parents are reminded that the most efficient and effective method for contacting teachers and support staff is through the staff member’s email address. In most costs, our staff will respond as appropriate to the communication within 48 hours.