Capital Development Update 2022

Late last year the College reached an historic agreement with the Water Corporation that will allow the piping of the open drain through a significant section of the College site. Over the course of 55 years at this location, the College has attempted to negotiate to have the water course undergrounded but failed; this is a significant moment in the history of the College. With the ongoing plans to relocate the Early Childhood Centre (Marian) to the Churchlands site, undergrounding the water course will allow for the physical connection between the campuses.

Civil works have commenced and are expected to run into March. During this time there will be restricted pedestrian movements across the College, with the lower car park closed for the start of Term 1. The College will provide updates on parking and access should they change during the course of the civil program of works. We understand that disruptions around drop off and pick up locations can be frustrating, but we ask for your patience as we see this historic body of work completed.

The College has continued its upgrades to the Marcellin campus during the Christmas holiday period. Three new classrooms will be commissioned early in term 1. Of particular interest is in the creation of two new classroom areas that will expand the new St. John Henry Newman Learning Hub into the northern A Block area. This will increase the College’s capacity to accommodate large flexible working environments, continuing our progressive refurbishment of learning spaces throughout the College.

The Facilities Team has also worked tirelessly in maintaining the campus infrastructure, while the work to refashion the exterior colour scheme of the College continues. Painting of the Chapel windows has been completed, along with the central courtyard area at Marcellin.  This new and contemporary look will be completed by the start of Term 1.